6 Winter Care Tips For Household Plants You Must Know


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Who doesn’t like plants? Plants are the greatest and most amazing decoration of nature. Lots of people all over the world love to plant trees in their rooftop, living room, bed room or in a tub. Plants play an important role in home decoration.

They give positivity to your home. So it’s necessary to take care of indoor plants. Unfortunately winter is the most dangerous season for your indoor plants. Because it is the harshest season with low light levels, dry air, shorter days and frosty temperatures that can easily weaken or kill your houseplants.

So if you want your plants alive you need to be a bit more careful. There is some tips I want to share with you which can help your houseplants to survive the season.

Household Plants: Winter Care Tips

Provide them the Right Amount of Light:

We all need light. But as the day is short in the winter it is tough to get proper light especially in the middle of the winter. Plants are comparable to human, they also need light even indoor plants. But in this month our house can’t get proper sunlit as the day is short.

So you have to find out that certain room and window where your plants can get the perfect amount of sunlight for photosynthesis. Also you can manage artificial lights for them in winter.

Temperature must be suitable:

Maximum houseplants choose daytime temperatures of 65° to 75°F, and night temperatures of 60° to 65°F.

If you wish to provide that to your plants you need to keep them away from both cold drafts and sources of heat, like radiators, ovens, fireplaces and electronic devices

Increase the Humidity Level:

Low humidity is the foremost problem for plants during winter. Most of the houseplants like a humidity level of 40 to 50 percent. You can increase the humidity level by spraying the plants with worm water.

But this is not an efficient way as it can’t keep the humidity level up for so long. You can also try another good old trick. For that you have to place your plant on a tray of water but don’t let the plant sit in the water.

Just put a stone in the water tray and place your plant over the stone. But the best way is using a Humidifier in your home for increasing humidity.

Use Water when needed:

Most people thinks that plant needs more water during winter but it’s just a misconception. You don’t need to water your plants daily. Perhaps you should check the soil using your finger. If the soil is dry at a 2-inch depth then the plant needs water. Water thoroughly and make sure that the water drains completely.

No Need to use Fertilizer:

In winter some plants stop growing up and some barely grow. So you don’t need to feed them. Feeding them in winter can upset the natural cycle.

Perhaps you can put them on a diet until spring comes. Yes right houseplants doesn’t need any fertilizer in winter. Let them sleep and wait for winter.

Clean Them Up:

You have to clean your indoor plants during winter. Cleaning dust and debris helps your plant breath and look healthy.

It will also help the photosynthesis process. You can simply spray the plant with warm water (that also increase the humidity level) and then wipe the leaves with a soft cloth or brush.

It’s a bit hard to take care of an indoor plant during winter but people who love plants can do anything to make them survive. Just follow those simple steps, and you will see them smiling in the spring.

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