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After a heavy snowfall your driveway, pavement, sidewalk might be covered by thick layer of snow. Sometimes it is hard to melt that snow using snow melt or salt. Sometimes you might be in a hurry to use your driveway and you need to clear out all those heavy snow.

Then you need the help of a snow blower. A snow blower basically removes the snow from drive ways, pavements by throwing it out by few inches( varies by the size of the snow blower).

Firstly you need to know about the variations of the snow blower machines. There are 3 types of snow blower.

  • Single stage electric
  • Single stage gas
  • Two stage gas

Single stage electric : this types of blowers are used to clear snow of level 4 inches or less. You can clear your driveways, decks and walkways with this small machine. There is a auger which throws away the snow from the path. These machines are the easiest, lightest, smallest and quietest to handle.  As the machine runs by electricity which frees you from fueling and machine maintenance.


Single stage gas: this small to mid sized machines are best when you have snow for 8 inches or less. Single stage
gas snow blowers are better than electric snow blowers. This machine also frees you from chords. Their gas engines needs only gasoline to work. This snow blower works best on steep sideways but the electric one has the best pulling power. It has the ability to handle the fluffy snow.

Two stage gas: like the single stage gas machines this machine also picks up the snow through auger and throws it. But there is a fan like impeller which helps the auger to pick snow more faster. These large machines are best for long driveways and in places where snow is higher than 8 inches. The auger of these two stage snow blowers are a bit heavy and expensive.

Now, what kind of features will you look for when you are going to buy a snow blower? Electric start, wide clearing feature, handle height? There are some important feature that you should always look for when you are going to buy a snow blower.

Controlling power

You should avoid some snow blowers which doesn’t have the deadman feature. This feature includes, the auger will only run until the handle bar is gripped. When you will release the handle bar the auger will automatically stop working. About the handle bars, you should have the liberty to adjust the handles as you want them to be.


With this feature you can work after dark or in winter when there’s a huge snowfall it seems quite dark. After the snowfall if you wish to clear all the snow then you need a headlight in your snow blower. Halogen headlights will be the best for any snow blower. As halogen lights are brightest among all.

Electric start

Tugging your machine for couple of times might become a frustrating. On the other hand electric start will give you a smooth start for your snow blower. Even you can consider electric snow shovel for low snow fall.

Clearing tools

Some snow blower comes with clearing tools for clogged snow. It is not wise to use hand to clear out any clogged material on the machine. So always look for those blowers which have clearing tools installed in them.

Clearing width

This feature should be prioritized more. You are buying a snow blower and the snow blower is able to clear only few inches width. Well, this could be a problem for you as you do not want your drive ways to clear more than 1-2 times.

There are models of snow blowers which have the ability to clear up to 12 inch or less and there are some machines which have the ability to clear up to 45 inch or less. The choice is totally yours.

Drift cutter

Drift cutter is a feature which includes a cutter when you are clearing snow. The cutter will cut the large snow pieces into smaller one and push it towards the auger.

Large tires

Large tires will give you a perfect grip to clear the snow. Sometimes there are double tires installed in some machines which is also a better option to look for.  It also helps the user to get fraction advantage.

Speed controls

Controlling the speed of your snow blower is most important. For some places you need to move your snow blower faster and for some places you need to move it slower to clear. This feature also includes the ability to run the machine in forward or backward direction.

Heated handle grips

This is not a must feature to look for in a snow blower. People who faces harsh winter and heavy snowfall this feature can make their snow blowing experience a bit smoother.

Here are some safety tips for you after you have bought the snow blower:

  • Always wear tight clothes while doing snow blowing because loose pants or shits might tangled into the snow blower.
  • Wear glasses to avoid substances hitting your eyes
  • Turn off the snow blower if there is something clogged in your machine. Then use the clearing tool. Do not use your hand or feet. If you do not have clearing too then use stick.
  • Wear hear plugs or other protection to keep you ears safe.

Choosing from these 3 types of snow blower will not be a tough job. There are always situation where you can use any one of them. You also need to know how to maintain the snow blower after using it.

Always keep your snow blowing machine clean and keep it in a distance where children can not get a hold to it. If you are not planning to buy a snow blower, if you have a lawn tractor, you can go for a good snow plow.



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