Riding Lawnmower Buying Guide


Are you tired of trudging around your yard?Pushing the lawn mower week after week ?  If so and  you have a large or hilly lawn or are a lawn-care professional,then these riding lawnmowers can save you time and energy. A riding mower is also safer than a push mower.  Before buying you need to consider some important facts like, size of your yard, type of your land and some obstacles.

Riding Lawnmower Buying Guide

Riding Lawnmower Buying Guide

Consider the following questions and find the perfect one for your land.

  • How big your lawn is ?
  • What size cutting path do you need ?
  • What type of terrain will you be mowing ?
  • Are there obstacles that you have to mow around ?

Perfect Riding lawnmowers for your land:

The size of your land is a big factor in choosing a riding mower. If you have large area and you need to spend less time then you should consider about powerful mowers with larger cut widths. You should also consider about the obstacles and your land level. You can choose between different types and find a machine that gives you the best result.

When purchasing a riding lawn mower, you need to select the perfect lawnmower for your land. You should find out which type of riding land mower/tractor you need. Consider the following features.

Cutting widths:

The cutting width determines how much grass can be cut in one pass with the mower. Larger cutting widths reduce the overall time of mowing. Lawnmowers come with different size of cutting widths. The size of a mower deck and the width that a mower will cut in a single pass are same. Small mower deck is perfect if you have small land.

  • The ideal cutting width is 30-42” (76-106cm)
  • For a land between one and three acres: 42-46”(106-116cm)
  • For more then three acres: 54”(137cm)


Different tractors come with different type of blade. Some small lawn mowers have only one blade. If you need two or three blades, you can consider some typical tractors.

Riding Lawn mower’s Engine:

You should consider the placement of the engine because it determines the power of the mower. If this is a rear engine placement, the power of the mower will not too much. On the other hand, fort side placement will always take care of your speed as well as provide you more power to work perfectly.

Consider the following:

  • Good cooling system.
  • Good oil and air filtering system.
  • Perfect horsepower.

Single cylinder or Double cylinder:

Twin Cylinder: Mowers with twin cylinder engines(16HP or more) provide more power, better performance and longer engine life. Twin cylinder engines are excellent for larger lawns.

Single Cylinder: Mowers with single cylinder engines are good for smaller lawn or garden.

Transmission: Just like cars, you can choose either automatic transmission or manual transmission.

  • Automatic transmission: It is easy to control the speed of the tructor. You don’t need to worry about hitting the clutch or shifting gears. You just need to push the foot pedal.
  • Manual transmission: It requires you to use the clutch when you need to change the speeds. If you need to slow down near an obstacle, you need to change gears real quick. This can not easy at first and if your land is full of trees and bushes.

Handling: Handling is one of the most important things to consider while buying a land   mower.  Riding mowers typically have front drive, rear-drive or zero turn handling. You need to find out which one is perfect for you. You should also remember the turning radius. How tightly you can turn your mower depends on turning radius.

Speed: Speed varies by model but lawn tractors usually offer speeds up to 6 miles per hour. (mph) If your land has many obstacle, then you will need to slow down to get a perfect cut. But sometimes for large land you may want the added speed to get the job done quickly.

Wheels: You should look for a rotary mower with inset wheels that will allow you for mowing right up to the lawn edge.

Comfort: You should consider the comfort feature about the mower. Some features like high back seats , adjustable seats,extended leg room , rubber foot pads can make your mowing enjoyable. Also headlights provide greater visibility when mowing at dusk.

Additional Features: Some riders have a mulching capacity, so they are great if you want to mulch while mow. Spreaders attach to the back of the tractor and can complete the often time-consuming task of fertilizing your lawn as you mow. People say, the bigger the better.

The size will make a big difference to the amount of traipsing back and forth to empty it while mowing. You can also find snow blowers in front of your lawn tractor to easily move snow off your driveway.

Riding Lawn Mowers Maintenance

All types of riding lawn mowers require regular maintenance to run properly. You should keep it clean after mowing and check it before mowing. To get a perfect output you should take care of your riding mower and fueling it properly.

Riding Lawn Mowers Safety Tips

Lawn mower accidents cause thousands of foot injuries. Kids under the age of 15 are the most common victims. Regardless of which mower you choose, don’t forget to practice safety.

Keep your children indoors and don not allow other children to play nearby while you are mowing. Never allow any children to play on a lawn mower, even if it is turned off and do not ride on a riding lawn mower with a child.

Before Mowing

  • Pick up stones, toys or bricks from the lawn to prevent injuries from flying objects.
  • Wear shoes.
  • Use eye and hearing protection.
  • Refuel with the motor turned off and cool.
  • Setting blades very carefully.

While Mowing

  • Make sure your riding mower’s safety features includes and automatic shut-off when is not in the seat.
  • Look three to four feet directly ahead.
  • Do not mow in reverse.

After Mowing

  • Turn off lawn mower completely.

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