Poulan Pro 967330901 Zero Turn Riding Mower Review


Lawn mowing is a very difficult job to do when you don’t have the right mower to mow your lawn. Suppose you have a big lawn you will obviously find difficult to mow that lawn by using a small lawn mower.

For that you need a lawn mower in which you can easily sit and move with the mower. This type of mower is called riding mower. Poulan pro 967330901 is one of the strongest zero turn riding mower available in the market.

Here is the review of Poulan Pro 967330901.

Some Specialties:

  • Its has a 22HP BRIGGS v-twin pro engine which gives this mower immense power to both carry a person and cutting grasses at the same time with ease. This BRIGGS engines are built to last special debris management.
  • It has Hydro gear EZT transmission which gives the mower infinite speed and by directional control. It is positioned both in price and performance. It has four four stage spur gear designing and all the gears are made out of metal. This is one of the industry’s best.
  • Electric clutch helps you to switch between your front and rear gears.
  • Huge fuel tank with 3.5 gallon which is almost 14 litres of gasoline. Though it depends on the area you are mowing but this amount of gasoline would do your work without any hesitation.Poulan Pro 967330901


What is a zero turn mower?

Zero turn mowers are big enough mowers that can carry a person easily and do its job which is cutting grass. Poulan Pro 967330901 has two levers by which it can move in front and in rear both. These levers are situated on the both sides of the user. When a person will sit in this mower both of their hands will be on the lever. By pushing the levers front at the same time will make your mower move forward and by pulling it toward you will make the mower move backward.

Another benefit of zero turn mower is you don’t need a steering to move your front small tires left or right. Push any of your lever to front and the front tire will move accordingly. Which creates zero turns means you can move the front tire without steering. This zero turn facility is so useful that it gives you the power to maneuver around many small obstacles.

Poulan Pro 967330901 cuts grass evenly from every angle. It’s a heavy machine( 750 pounds) which helps it to stay on the ground and small ups and down doesn’t have any effects while working.

People has voted this mower pretty good because of its user friendly guidelines. There are some optional tools that is available with this mower they are rain cover, headlight kit, arm rest kit and mulching kit. These tools are pretty useful too. You can always cover you lawn mower with the rain cover that is available or you can change your headlights according to the availability of lights. Overall Poulan Pro 967330901 is fast, cuts well to each and every grass and makes your lawn look smooth and clean.

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