Most Common Injuries Caused by Power Tools and How to Avoid Them


We often use power tool in our day to day life. Actually, we are bound to different types of power tools. From home repair to lawn cares, a power tool is what that will prove to be worthwhile.

However, using those power tools require profound focus. Those tools are extremely dangerous without attention. Less of concentration can lead to several injuries. A study showed that more than 120000 people visit the emergency room every year by handling power tools in a wrong way.

It is always better to avoid injuries rather than to cure. There are some common mistakes that most people commit while using power tools. You should clearly know about those mistakes and learn how to avoid those. Today I am here to discuss some of the most common injuries that caused by power tools. Also, I will discuss how you can stay away from those. Let’s read out more.


Electrocution is the most common power tool injury. Almost all power tools require electricity. Where there is electricity, electrocution is a must. So, you should be very aware of the fact. Always check the power cord carefully. The electric connection must fit appropriately. Double check whether there is any leakage on the cord or not. Never keep the cord in touch to liquids. Besides, if you are working with any power tool wear dry sandals and hand gloves. Never ever touch any electric cord while your hand is wet. Kids must not be around you while you are working. And most importantly, never lose your concentration.

Eye Injury

Every 1 in 5 serious eye injuries in the home happens because of power tools. A power tool reduces human effort. No offense. But on the contrary, those can harm. But it depends on you. If you don’t know how to use it properly, you can hurt yourself.

However, the most common danger is sparks, splinters, metal and wood shavings that expelled from power tools. Also, dust that comes from power tool can also harm your eye. Better is to wear eyeglass every time while using any power tools. You can also wear a face mask to keep your face safe. It will keep your face and eye safe from any kind of accidental hit.


Laceration means different types of cut including small scratches to deep wounds. Lacerations can happen because of your misuse of power tools like saws, lawn mowers, snow blowers and so many. Before using those above tools, read the instruction carefully. Follow every instruction. Learn how to use those properly. Besides, while fixing any difficulty of a lawn mower or snow blower always turn the engine off. Otherwise, any accident can happen. While using such tools, wear shoes and gloves. Also, wear face mask and goggles.

Ears injury

Power tools often produce huge noise. That can harm your ear. Ears injury doesn’t happen instantly. It is a slow process. By connecting with heavy sound on a regular basis, your will affect your ear devastatingly. But the fact is you will not notice it instantly. While purchasing any power tool always try to pick one that offers less sound. Also, use ear buds so that heavy sound can’t get into your ear.


Amputations of the index and middle finger are by far the most common power tool accident. Misuse of power saw can lead you to this injury. Suppose, you are trying to cut down a small wood which is smaller for the saw you are using. In that time if you lose your concentration, amputation can happen. However, you can stay away from amputations by using advanced level saws. Some saws have the feature to stop automatically if it comes too close to your finger. Though those costs a bit more, but nothing is important than your finger!

Basic Power Tool Safety Tips [Infographic]


Basic Power Tool Safety Tips Infographic

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A bit of awareness can save a life! While using any of those power tools don’t lose your concentration. It is always better to prevent than cure. Hope those tips will help you in the long run. That’s all for today. We will catch up soon with lots of effective tips and hacks. Till then:

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