Choosing a Pressure washer


Pressure washers are high pressured mechanical sprayer that is used to remove dust, paint, mud from machines, buildings concrete surfaces etc. Pressure washer favored rather than other processes because of its cleaning ability. The pressure that is created can clean anything smoothly. It’s almost summer time and dirt, dried dust on window, mud are common for this season. Water is pressurized inside the gas or electric pump which allows the water to flow faster than garden hose or shower.

There are 2types of pressure washers

  • Electric pressure washers
  • Gas pressure washers

Electric pressure washersElectric pressure washers are light weighted machines. They are used to clean furniture, sidewalks, concrete areas, garage floors. These small-medium machines are basically used to clean indoor utilities rather than outdoor products. Electric washers makes less sounds than gas pressure washers. Even it does not create any kind of fume while cleaning which  makes it user friendly at home. Only thing that is not user friendly about this machine is its chords. Electric pressure washers need to be connected all the time while using it so the chords might get into your work. Even the chords need to be long enough if you are cleaning anything outside of your home. Even the maintenance of this machine is user friendly. Just read the instructions that are given in the catalog to clean it after every time you use it.

Electric pressure washers

Gas pressure washers : Gas pressure washers are medium to large machines which runs by gasoline. Outdoor cleanings are done by the help of it. Cars, roads etc can be cleaned by it. As it runs by gasoline it creates more sound and fumes than electric pressure washers. Though it creates sound and fumes but it has more cleaning ability than electric pressure washers. Thus having no cable attached with it, it is easily portable from one place to another.

There are important terms for you before you buy a pressure washer:

  • GPM( Gallons Per Minute): This is the flow rate of your pressure washer. Most pressure washers have the capability of 1-5 GPM which is normal. More GPM means more cleaning power. That is why pressure washers used ion industrial use has more GPM than household pressure washers have.
  • PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch): this is the pushing force of your washer. 1000-3500 PSI is most common among the machines. PSI depends on the nozzle you are using to clean and sometimes on the distance of your machine from surface.
  • Cleaning Power: cleaning power means GPMxPSI. Both GPM and PSI are multiplied to calculate a washers cleaning power.

Things that matters when you are going to buy a pressure washer

Engine: the bigger the CC your pressure washer has the more power it has. That means larger pressure washers which are used for outdoor cleaning must have bigger and powerful engine. Engine that runs by gasoline are most powerful.

Motors: when you are going to buy an electric pressure washer there must be a motor in it. Motor will pump up the electric washer and in that way it will work. There are few kinds of motor,

  • Universal: these are very small and portable. Costs are low for using it but it can give you a loud sound while using.
  • Induction: this is a high quality motor. It lasts long and its very quite.
  • Water cooled: best motors for your engine. Water cools the motor to last long. It’s an upgraded version of induction motor.

Pumps: most machines that are used to clean household has axial cam pumps. Larger washers has triplex pumps and wobble pumps are for small household works.

Hot/cold water: we all know that hot water cleans better than cold water. Hot water has the ability to clean more dust and oil then cold water. That is why dishwasher uses hot water to clean dishes.  To get hot water pressure washers there will be a coil inserted in the washer which will transform the cold water into hot water and the temperature might rise upto 60C.

Nozzles: nozzles are important for pressure washers. Sometimes the pressure of your washer might depend on your nozzle. Make sure you have a nozzle which is adjustable and interchangeable. You can use narrow nozzles for less coverage and pressurized spray and you can choose a bit wide nozzles to cover more areas rather than concentrating on one spot.

Chemical or detergent : detergent or other cleaning chemicals are needed to clean with pressured water. It cleans better. Chemical or detergent might be inserted inside the washer or the washer might have a tube to add while using it. Make sure our pressure washer has a onboard detergent tank. It will make your work effortless.

Thermal control: if your pressure washer has the ability to heat the cold water then thermal control must be installed in your washer. It will give you the access to control the excess heat which can damage the washer even your cleaning object.

Choosing a Pressure washer

Some accessories that must come with your pressure washer

Brushes: Brushes are needed to scrub the object that you want to clean with your pressurized washer.

Extension wand:  the wand that comes with every washer might not be adequate for every work. Extension might be used to clean more higher places.

Angled wands: to reach some places your washer needs angled wands.

Pressure washer chemicals: there are some companies which does not allows other chemicals to clean their washer. So, they provide their consumers some chemicals to use.

Maintaining  pressure washers are pretty easy. You just need to take care of the gas washers as they are run by gasoline,oil. Check their spark plugs, air filters after few days. On the other hand electric washers need less maintenance. Choose your pressure washer not by the size and price but by its capability of working and durability. For household works choose small-medium washers and for outside works choose larger washers.

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