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A chainsaw is one important tool, period! It proves to be beneficial in our everyday work including tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting fire breaks in wildland and so on. But there is a question whether a chainsaw is useful or dangerous to have? Unfortunately, the answer is both. A chainsaw has immense cutting power with 50 plus sharp teeth that moving in an astounding +20 meters every second while on a full throttle. That’s why for an average person, handing a chainsaw is unsafe. Don’t worry! You can improve your safety with just a few precaution. In this article, you will find complete chainsaw safety tips and personal protective equipment (PPE).

However, with proper clothing and chainsaw PPE, you can decrease the chance of injury. Besides, you should read the instruction manual carefully. You have to know the system of appropriate use. Your clothes must be well fitted so that it can’t engage with any part of a chainsaw. The following chainsaw PPE and recommended clothing ideas will make your chainsaw using journey completely safe and productive. Read the entire article carefully.

Chainsaw Body Protection

While using a chainsaw, it is essential to keep your body protected with some chainsaw protective clothing. There are several types of chainsaw protective clothing available in the local and online market. Besides, the price of those products is inexpensive. You can pick some of those for using a chainsaw comfortably and confidently.

Chainsaw Clothing

Do I need specially made chainsaw protective clothing while using a chainsaw? Indeed, you need. Clothes that are made of chainsaws have several layers. Besides, those are made of special fabric that has many tiny but strong threads. Clothes that are made for chainsaw using clog up the saw chain and rim sprocket as quickly as possible to stop the chain and motor instantly. however, there are lots of chainsaw clothing available in the market including shirts, pants, trousers, chaps, jackets and so on. You can pick what you need.

Chainsaw Pants & Chainsaw Trousers

Well, in order to keep your leg safe from the bloody chainsaw, you must wear chainsaw safety pants or chainsaw trousers. While using a chainsaw, an unintentional cut to the leg is very common. Chainsaw trousers and pants, in that case, will keep you safe. However, you can either pick type A chainsaw trouser or pant that protects only the front side of the legs. Type A can be supplied as chainsaw chaps as well for conventional work. Alternatively, you can pick type C trouser that provides all-round protection to the legs. You can wear those as ordinary trousers, not over other clothing. We have some finest chainsaw pants and trousers in our list. Just take a look:

Chainsaw Jackets

Chainsaw Jackets are most popular clothing that is used by various professionals. Chainsaw jackets are made of special fabric with lots of layers. Those make the chains cutting rate slower and also clog the mechanism. For a better experience, you can see the chainsaw jackets below:

Chainsaw Foot Safety

Not only your body part your foot should be under the protection terms. It is also essential. However, while working with a chainsaw, you can wear some fantastic made chainsaw safety boots and chainsaw chaps. There is some cut resistant footwear available in the market at present. You can look on those for keeping your foot safe while dealing with a chainsaw.

Chainsaw Boots

You should pick a strong pair of chainsaw boot for a safe and sturdy stance. Specially made chainsaw boots offer great balance and safety with every step and cut. However, there are lots of chainsaw safety boots available in the market. You should pick one according to your budget range and job type. We suggest you have a look on this:

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

The Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot is made of a pure leather material with finest quality rubber sole. So, no question about the durability. however, it is considered as one of the finest boot for the professionals. It protects the feet perfectly during chainsaw using time. It is oil resistant traction outsole that will not slip at all.

Chainsaw Chaps

What if the chainsaw slips and strikes your leg? Can you imagine? Well, don’t need to imagine that nasty injury. But believe me, only jeans or trouser is not sufficient to keep your leg safe. That’s why chainsaw chaps are important. Chainsaw chaps are made of quality materials that are not totally cut-proof, but those will surely make the chain slower so that it can’t hurt you in first few seconds. For a better experience with chainsaw chaps, you can have a look on this:

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap>> Click to Check Price on Amazon >>

It is one of the latest and finest wrap chaps in the market that is made of 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating and Tek wrap protective layers. Besides, it is Ul certified. So, it will keep you safe for few seconds when contact with the saw of a chainsaw. It comes with adjustable waist size up to 42 inches. Therefore, it features gear pockets and acetyl Delran buckles for convenience. The price is near your hand as well.

Chainsaw Hand Safety

While dealing with a chainsaw, you hands stay close to the danger most. Anytime your hands can cut in contact with a saw. However, it is always recommended to use both the hand while working with a chainsaw. Maybe the chainsaw you are dealing is lightweight, and you can carry it with one hand, but for proper balance and safety, two hands are needed. However, for keeping your hand safe, you can use, Chainsaw Protective Gloves.

Gloves cannot offer you the proper safety you may be wondering. I mean it can’t keep you completely secure. However, good gloves can make the saw slower, and it can save you from the instant impact. Professionals usually use chainsaw gloves to keep their hands safe and for proper balance during work. You can look the best chainsaw protective glove we added below for better experience:

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-M General Utility lined with KEVLAR Glove Medium

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-M General Utility lined with KEVLAR Glove Medium>> Click to Check Price on Amazon >>

The Youngstown Glove is made of premium quality nylon, polyester, PVC, Polyurethane, Cotton, Rubber, Kelvar, Velcro materials. It is strong and flexible. Cut resistant glove ensures the safety of the worker in a massive way.  There is non-slip reinforcement on the palm, finger, and thumb that provides perfect grip and durability. Overall, it is the finest glove for the price.

Chainsaw Head Safety

Head injury can lead a person to death. Indeed, it can! No matter what you are doing, keep your head safe is the utmost priority. Falling debris, when cutting something is a common issue with a chainsaw. It can hit your head and lead you to any kind of danger instantly. That’s why some safety gear for the head as well as eyes is essential as well. You can wear:

Chainsaw Helmet

While working with a chainsaw, it is recommended to use a hard helmet to keep your head protected. Well, it will keep your head safe from any kind of sudden impact. We have a recommendation for you regarding chainsaw safety helmet. Have a look:

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System>> Click to Check Price on Amazon >>

So far, this is the leading chainsaw helmet at present that comes with one size fit. I mean almost everyone can wear this helmet. Besides, it is made of heavy materials that are why it is strongest among all. It provides safety from UV rays. Therefore, it features 6-point suspension, 25 dB NRR hearing protectors, face screen, and neck protector. The price is acceptable as well. Try it.

Chainsaw Ear Protection

Chainsaw produces noise. If you work with a chainsaw on a regular basis, it can harm your ear. That is why it is always better to use some gear to keep your ear away from those kinds of sound.  You can use earplugs and earmuffs. However, have a recommended earmuff below. Have a look for better experience.

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs>> Click to Check Price on Amazon >>

The ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs is one of the finest among all. It has the highest noise reduction rating that is why it is leading at present. Therefore, the design is compact and you can fold it for storage as well.  It is made of industrial grade premium quality materials and the consumers offer a guarantee that this will not break. The headband is comfortable and it has swivel cup design. You should try it.

Chainsaw Eye Protection

Any kind of debris can hit your eyes while using a chainsaw. That’s why it is essential to consider about your eye protection. For keep your eye protected, there are some chainsaw safety glasses available in the market. The quality of those product varies according to the brand and price type. We have one of the finest recommendations for you. Have an eye on it:

Husqvarna 531300011 Xtreme Protective Safety Glasses

Husqvarna 531300011 Xtreme Protective Safety Glasses>> Click to Check Price on Amazon >>

The quality of Husqvarna products is fantastic as well. This Husqvarna 531300011 Xtreme Protective Safety Glasses can be your best friend while using a chainsaw. One size fits all. You can wear it all day, as it is light as the feature. However, the frame will protect your eye along with brow. It has soft nosepiece for user comfort. Also, it has polycarbonate lens that provides 99.9-Percent UV protection. The price is also near your reach level.

Not only chainsaw all kind of tools is unsafe if you don’t know the proper using system. Different types of tools make our life easier, no objection on that! But those also come with the immense chance of injury. You should always stay careful.

In terms of a chainsaw, those effective tips regarding clothing and chainsaw PPE will reduce the chance of injury half. Moreover, your attention and focus will reduce the other half. So, be attentive during work. Stay safe and sound. Share your opinion with the lawncarepal team. With lots of other tips and tricks, we will meet again soon, that is a promise.

Take Care!!!

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