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In order to cut grass or weeds like a professional, you have to consider that a String Trimmer Line is essential objects. With trimmer line, you can cut in a faster way.

But at present, if you need the best service you have to pick the best product. But the question is how? There is a huge collection of trimmer lines in the market in various qualities. So it’s obvious to get confused!

As I also need trimmer line for my garden so I surveyed the market and made a list. Today I am here to share my list with you guys. Hope this will help you out to pick the best trimmer line.

12 Best Trimmer Line

My study ended with 12 trimmer lines which are incomparably outstanding with their features and qualities. Let’s see what I got for you.

BLACK+DECKER AF-100-3ZP 30ft 0.065″ Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool

Black Decker AF-100-32ZP Line String Trimmer spool at present considered as the best String Trimmer line in the market. Even it is the best string trimmer line for the money. It fits in multiple BLACK+DECKER string trimmer models. Also, this BLACK+DECKER trimmer line has replacement spool system that saves your time and reduces your effort as well.  It has 30 feet replacement line that provides superior feed and it also features 0.065-inch diameter for sharp cutting.

WORX WA0010 Replacement 10-Foot Grass Trimmer/Edger Spool Line

Meet another heavy-duty trimmer line from the WORX which is way amazing then you thought. It is made from patented copolymer nylon resin and synthetic material so it is durable and perfect for cutting tasks. This WORX Grass Trimmer Spool Line increases the performance about 25 percent than other models. The resin line is soft and it is suitable for hard surfaces as well. It has amazing strength of over 100lbs and most importantly it is enough flexible and long lasting quality.

Toro 88175 Electric Trimmer Replacement Spool with .065-Inch-by-30-Foot Line

The Toro 88175 Electric Trimmer Replacement Spool is very easy to assemble with proper instruction. Once you install it perfectly; there is no competitor of this Trimmer Replacement Spool.  It cuts like a pro! The Toro Electric Trimmer Replacement Spool is a perfect replacement for various Toro Electric Trimmer spools. It is a 30 feet pre-wound spool that doesn’t require any extra tools for installations. All you need to do is snap it into place and start your work!

GreenWorks 29082 Dual Line Replacement Trimmer Line, 0.065-Inch

The Green Works 29082 Dual Line Replacement Trimmer Line is another genuine trimmer spool that fits perfectly in all GreenWorks electric string trimmers.  It is a 0.065 dual line string trimmer spool that includes 1 replacement for a dual line string trimmer. Though they said it only fits in GreenWorks trimmer but it also fits in 15 inch Craftsman trimmer as well.

DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Replacement Line, 225-Feet by 0.080-Inch

With this DEWALT DW01DT802 String Trimmer Line, you can even work flawlessly with your battery operated string, Trimmer. However, it is an aerodynamic Trimmer line that boosts up the cutting ability of cordless string Trimmer. It is however made of flexible and impact resistant material. DEWALT String Trimmer Line is specially designed for long term use. It is a 225 feet line with 0.080-inch diameter, if you need a line for years don’t forget this one.

Ryobi AC14RL3A ONE+ 0.065 String Trimmer Line Spool

Need a special Trimmer Line for a cordless trimmer? Why not the best Ryobi AC14RL3A Trimmer Line that comes with 3 spool pack. It fits with so many different Ryobi Cordless string trimmers. It is capable of withstanding weathering and the spool is inserted as well. If you are thinking to invest your money on the best you can invest in Ryobi Trimmer Line.

Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Arnold Commercial Trimmer Line is amazing power equipment that is designed for long lasting service.  This trimmer line is specially made with classic features to suits with tons of major brands. It is 220 ft. large trimmer line with a 0.065-inch diameter. However, it fits in both gas and electric trimmers. The offer also includes cutting tool and it contains 11 refills also.

Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Trimmer Line


Oregon 22-895 Gatorline Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Trimmer Line is another long lasting dual polymer trimmer line that comes with a 3-pound spool. The trimmer line has excellent strength and also features a high strength inner core that prevents breaking.  However, it also has an outer layer that prevents welding. The line is about 685 feet and has the 0.095-inch diameter.

Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line

Cyclone Trimmer Line is specially designed for landscaping professional. For added cutting power it includes 6 blade shapes and it designed with copolymer nylon that ensures sturdiness and power. The Cyclone Trimmer line is about 155 inch to 315 foot long and it is the best choice for high wheel trimmers. The diameter is about .065 inches.

Quickload 40ft 0.065″ Spool for BLACK&DECKER String Trimmers

The Quickload String Trimmers Line is 30% larger than other existing models in the market. Black& Decker String Trimmer Lines are easy and quick to load. It is so far large enough to save your valuable time and lots of money. This Black&Decker String trimmer line is compatible with various Black and Decker models and it is factory wound for highest compatibility and reliability.  There is no reason to avoid this best line.

Weed Eater 952701594 0.065-Inch-by-200-Foot Bulk Round String Trimmer Line

Need the best trimmer line that is kiss ass for both beginners and professionals? See the Weed Eater 952701594 Foot Bulk Round, String Trimmer Line. The length of this line is 200 inch and the diameter is 0.065 inch. It is compatible with all electric weed eater model. It is long lasting as it made with the finest material and completed the job like a pro!

Ivation Grass String Trimmer 3 Pack Replacement 20 Foot 0.065″ Line, Model IVAGT20V

best trimmer line

The Ivation String Trimmer Line is designed to use in Ivation auto feed string trimmer. It comes with 3 pack hand-winding spools. The length is about 20 foot and it has 0.065 of diameter line. It provides excellent force to cutting thickest grass in less effort. However, it is long lasting trimmer line and provides the greatest performance you need.

Now you can easily pick one of them and cut grass like a pro. I can ensure you that no other trimmer line has the quality to beat them up.

Things to Consider

If you already consider which products you need to buy than its fine. But before make a deal please have a look at this portion. Here I will say some important factors about trimmer lines. Every good Trimmer line should have those qualities. Let’s discover.


Most of the trimmer line designed with nylon materials. Nylons are synthetic and harder to cut almost all types of weed. If the trimmer line has correct shape and diameter than a nylon made trimmer line has no comparison.

Another material that is used to make trimmer line at present is known as titanium. Most of the latest models of trimmer lines are made of titanium now. That titanium made trimmer lines are extremely effective and perfect for a long run.


While buying a trimmer line a perfect shape is mandatory. You have to pick the shape according to the model of your weed eater or string trimmer. So far, you will find 5 different shapes in the market. They are: Spiral Shape Design, Square Design, 6-Bladed Shape, Rounded Shape and Twisted Lines. So pick your desire one according to your trimmer.


Trimmer line diameter and thickness is essential while choosing the best line for your work. You can choose a diameter between 0.065 to 0.080 inch for light work, 0.85 to 0.105 inch for medium work and more than 0.110 inches for extreme and heavy-duty work.


While picking trimmer line it would be ideal to look for the features. If you are in a residence area and provide noise is a problem then look for the best trimmer line that has the ability to reduce the sound. However, you have to consider the weather factors also. For snowy area pick one that works fine in snow time.

Types of your work

As I already said the diameter measurement for different types of work so all you have to consider that whether you need a line for light work or heavy duty. First determine your work and then pick the line according to your work type.

Final Words

I am done for today. If you pick any of the mentioned products don’t forget to share your experience about how it works. However, while purchasing, don’t make a wrong move. Why spend money on the worst if you already have an idea about the best?

Good Bye for today. Stay healthy and Green! Will come back soon with lots of other ideas. Till then don’t forget to smile!

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