Best Pruning Saws 2018: Reviews with Buying Guide


Do you often feel disappointed by those irritating branches that beyond your arm reach? Those hard to reach branches make the appearance of your garden area dull and dark? Do you want to cut them off with ease?

If the answer to those questions is yes then my friend, you are in the right place. Today I am here to introduce you with the pruning saw and the reviews of best pruning saws 2018.

A pruning saw is a different kind of saw that made with either sharp straight blade or curved blade with a secure and comfortable handle. It is very useful to cut toughest types of trees, clean hard to reach branches in your home or it can be used in any commercial projects.

But while going to buy a pruning saw, surely, you will feel confused. Why? Because picking the good one from a humongous number of options is quite tough. That’s why I am here to reduce your pain and to help to pick the best pruning saw for yourself.

Best Pruning Saws 2017

After a tiring research over a couple of nights, I find these 5 pruning saws which are incredible because of their tremendous features and stupendous performance. Let’s have a look at their reviews quickly.

Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw

Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw

Need to feel like a ninja? Well, the Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw will surely provide you a ninja like feeling with a longer mono-constructed blade that has the length of about 330mm. The blade is rust-resistant and comes with hardened non-set tooth design. This saw will provide flawless cutting performance in a microscopic effort. It features with Silky MIRAI-ME technology that ensures cutting smoothly from 4 different angles.

The Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Hand Saw apparently comes with razor sharp blade and the handle is made with molded rubber that is comfortable as well.

Therefore, it also includes pivoting black polypropylene sheath with the detachable belt holder. The item is made in Japan so durability is beyond your imagination.


  • Comes with razor sharp blade that cuts flawlessly
  • Have 6.5 teeth per inch
  • Comes with durable black polypropylene sheath
  • Has detachable belt holder
  • Extremely durable
  • Comfortable molded rubber handle included
  • Blade is also rust resistant


  • There is no hook included at the end of the saw

TABOR TOOLS 13″ Curved Pruning Saw

TABOR TOOLS 13" Curved Pruning Saw

Here is the TABOR TOOLS Curved Pruning Saw that is perfect for trimming tree branches and clearing trails! In the industry of pruning saw blade, this one is considered to be the best pruning saw for the money. Why, Because it provides the utmost performance in a very little price range.

Frankly speaking, this TABOR TOOLS Curved Pruning Saw comes with a curved blade of 13 inch length that can cut about 4 inches higher branches without any extra effort. However, the curved blade of this saw has an extraordinary sharpness to cut even pine trees like butter!

It designed with non-slip pistol grip handle that is way too much comfortable than you think. It is pretty lightweight and there is a hole at the end of the handle for the easy storage facility.


  • Can cut branches up to 4 inches in diameter
  • The blades can even cut on the draw stroke backward
  • Has razor sharp 13 inches pull stroke action blade
  • Perfect for medium and large trees
  • Has hole at the end of the handle for easy storage
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ensures complete satisfaction
  • Offers 3 angle teeth with 3-dimensional cutting edge
  • Features comfortable non-slip pistol grip handle


  • Doesn’t come with a sheath

Silky Curved Landscaping Hand Saw SUGOI 360

Silky Curved Landscaping Hand Saw

The Silky Curved Landscaping Hand Saw is a professional tool that is light, durable and wickedly sharp! So, cut those irritating branches with less effort and more comfort. The length of the blade is long enough of 14-1/5inch which is amazingly razor sharp. It also features 5.5 teeth per inch for a monster like performance.

Therefore, it comes with high visibility yellow sheath that also has a belt clip. So, no more worries about the safety issue.


  • Has 14-1/5-inch blade that cuts the toughest wood with ease
  • Comes with 5.5 teeth per inch for quicker performance
  • Has yellow plastic sheath included for safety
  • For storage, the sheath has belt clip and Elastic Leg Straps
  • Well-made and durable
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle saves on hand fatigue.
  • Professional Arborist/Forestry quality.
  • Perfect length for small and large limb trimming.


  • Blade is a bit thinner

Fiskars 15 Inch Pruning Saw with Handle

Fiskars 15 Inch Pruning Saw with Handle

Need a sturdy blade with the comfortable handle? Have a close look on this Fiskars Pruning Saw that is ideal for the quick and clean cut with a sturdy blade and maximum comfort. The length of the blade is large enough of about 15 inches and also triple ground power tooth included for the beast like performance.

Therefore, it is a very efficient curved saw that is tremendously well made. However, the handle is decently smooth and perfectly fits in hand.

Fiskars is perfect for small trimming jobs also for heavy duty cutting jobs. To cut large branches quickly and in an efficient way all you have to do is make pull and push stroke. Therefore, it came with decent size and constructed with care. Don’t miss the chance to use one of the best pruning saw of 2017.


  • Provides quick and clean cut
  • Perfect for smaller trimming and large branches
  • Features Triple-Power Tooth blade that cuts like a butter
  • The tremendous handle
  • Made to last for long
  • Best for the money


  • Design is simple

Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw

With chrome-plated blade this Corona RS 7265D Pruning saw, already blow up the mind of so many users. It is designed with triple ground impulse hardened teeth that provide 3X faster cutting experience than other pruning saws.

Candidly, this best pruning saw constructed with higher carbon, so the blade will stay sharper for years. Also, the handle is D-shaped which makes it more efficient and boost up the productivity as well. It has a decent blade length of about 10-inch  that are replaceable as well. For easy storage facility, this saw can be folded as well.

To feel the professional experience don’t miss the chance to use this beast!


  • It is a light folding saw
  • Designed with triple ground impulse hardened teeth for 3X faster performance
  • Features comfortable D-shaped handle
  • Comes with replaceable blade
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle


  • The size is a bit smaller


Reviews for the best pruning saws are about to an end! Those items are so far the most attractive and efficient in the market. And for the money, those are reasonable as well. Now pick the one that blows your mind out!

Ultimate Buying Guide for Pruning Saw

A perfect pruning saw blades are a very handy tool. It can reduce lots of effort and stress instantly. In order to cut large trees and irritating hard to reach branches, a perfect pruning saw has no exception.

But the fact is there are some essential factors everyone should know before pick a pruning saw. Otherwise, there is a chance that your pruning saw can’t provide the utmost performance you always wanted.

That’s why in this portion of this article, I am going to discuss some basics yet important factors everyone should know. Let’s see

Why Need a Pruning Saw?

There are some reasons for picking a pruning saw. Firstly, if you have plenty of trees in your lawn, then you know it feels dark when those brunches grow taller and larger. In order to remove those irritating brunches away a pruning saw is essential.

Secondly, sometimes your trees may suffer from some diseases. If those affected brunches are out of your reach what will you do? You will grab a pruning and cut them instantly.

See there is no exception then to pick a pruning saw!

Types you need

You will find several types of pruning saws for different purposes. Let’s see the types first.

Handheld Pruning saw

This is the most common and famous pruning model in the market at present. It is a versatile tool that can be used to cut both thicker branches and smaller branches of trees. Though for cutting thicker branches you have to put much pressure. However, for the storage facility, and carrying needs this one is the ultimate choice.

Polo Pruning Saw

Polo pruning saws are designed to punish those hard to reach stubborn branches. The handle bar of this type is longer than other types of pruning saw and the length of this blade is long as well. But has it been designed with long length, so their blade is a bit different from other models. Those are sturdy and cut deeper.

Straight Blade Pruner Saw

The name already said the characteristics of this model. Yes, the blade is straight and blades are excellently sharp. As the blades are straight, the handle is curved for an easy controlling facility. However, this model is effective for a smaller operation.

Curved Blade Pruner Saw

This model is specially build to do heavy duty operations. It is exactly opposite of straight blade model. It has a curved blade and straight handle. The blade is amazingly sharp for larger and thicker branches and trees.

Best Pruning Saws

Size should be in your Consideration

Now before purchasing a Pruning saw you have to consider your project and then you have to select one. If you have long and larger trees to deal with the best solution is to go for curved blade model.

Therefore, most of the pruning saws can control about 1 to 5 inches’ diameter branches.

Sharpness of the Blade

After that you have to consider the sharpness of the blade and how many years they can provide the performance you need. Most of the pruning models at present provide the most effective and durable blades.

But somehow some dishonest manufacturers provide duplicate materials pruning saw that doesn’t provide the utmost cutting performance and can’t have the durability you want.

The better solution for this problem is to consider a well-known brand. Though you have to invest a bit more money for that, I can ensure you the satisfaction you wanted.

Safety features

While picking a pruning saw you should consider the safety features as well. Those items are extremely sharp so accidents can happen anytime. Look whether the manufacturers provide any sheath or not. If there is no sheath available, try to pick one from outside.

Therefore, while using a pruning saw don’t ever lose your focus. It is extremely sharp blade and you have to be very careful all time. Wear safety glasses and gloves while using a pruning saw!

Final Words

You have all the information in your hand and also, I provided the reviews of the best pruning saws in 2017. Now it’s time to pick your pruning saw!

Therefore, it comes with a sharp blade so while working with a pruning saw, stay focused and handle it with proper care.

That’s all for today, and we will meet again with some other essential tools and valuable tips. Till then:

Don’t forget to keep your area clean!

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