Best Expandable Hose in 2017 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The contemporary world is changing continuously. With the aid of new technology, inventions have been a common phenomenon. We appreciate them because they make our lives easier.

The expandable hose is a revolutionary product that has made me see how useless my previous hose was. In fact, I have thrown it away. I mean, what’s the use of a hose that can’t expand?

If you are yet to acquire one, you really should try it. Read my expanding hose pipe reviews, and you will find a few of the best ones. By the way, it is one of the most needed tool for your lawn and garden.

Best Expandable Hose Reviews : Our Top Picks 2017

Ohuhu Expandable Garden Hose

The Ohuhu is 2016 newest snake-shape design highly decreases friction and wear between outer hose and inner hose, hence effectively protecting the inner hose and highly prolonging the service life

The model is lightweight and space-efficient while it never tangles, twist or kink. The Ohuhu is one of the best expandable garden hose 100 ft. And is also flexible and easy to handle. Its solid brass ends with sealing rings means no more water leaking around and no more aged plastic ends

It is safe and reliable product for your home use. And the benefit of bonus of a free spray nozzle meaning you are relieved the cost of buying one. I recommend it


  • It’s lightweight and space efficient
  • Solid brass ends with sealing rings
  • Safe as it is FDA approved
  • Comes with a free spray bonus
  • Newest design in the market


  • Hand sprayer is plastic

Victsing Expanding Hose

The solid brass fittings that come with the Victsing strongest expandable garden hose guarantees the hose not to break, crack, leak or corrode for strongest durability. Its ability to withstand high and low temperature make it suitable for users that live in extreme climatic conditions that might damage the hose.

The hose can expand up to 3 times its original length. It also can retract down to its original shape for easy storage. Its built-in shut-off brass valve saves you endless trips to the faucet. On/off valve located on the end for convenient use

The Victsing is very lightweight and comes with a storage bag so you can take it anywhere. Solid 3/4 ” brass connectors and inner rubber washer hence ensuring no more leaks or cracks.

Quite frankly it’s hard to find fault with this model, I’m sure it will suit the needs you want it for. I highly recommend it


  • Strong expandable garden hose with brass fittings that won’t break
  • Flexible as it can expand up to 3 times its original length
  • 50 ft.extra-long and portable
  • Durable enough with longer lifespan
  • Compatible with most spray nozzle attachments


  • Much pressure may cause popping

Platinum 25′ Expandable Hose

The manufacturers of the platinum have reinvented the expandable hose. The model is an advancement of other expandable hoses and solving of all the issues that made other expandable hoses unsuccessful.

This hose is sure to do everything you need a hose to do for you, only better. Its solid ends ensure no more leaks around the plastic fittings. It is also designed the mold to give you the best fittings available today.

This piece is sure to give you peace of mind when it comes to watering. I highly endorse it.


  • Strong and expandable hose on the market today
  • Lightweight and won’t twist or tangle
  • Has pretty solid ends
  • Has an indestructible double layer latex core


  • Although looks strong, not as expandable
  • Some don’t last long

Platinum 100′ Expandable Hose

Platinum 100' Expandable Hose

You will probably not find a higher quality expandable garden hose anywhere. The platinum expandable hose 100ft is one of the best quality hose you will find. It has been reinvented, and all previous issues that had faults with the previous models have been solved.

The lightweight model, which is made of materials that are of the highest quality, ensure the model is free of leaks even at a high pressure water.

The hose has a recent release of 2016. This means that the current market dynamics and trends that regard expandable hose have been incorporated in the making of this piece. I trust this model won’t disappoint you.


  • Strong and expandable hose
  • Lightweight and won’t twist and tangle
  • Has strong brass ends
  • Has an indestructible double layer latex core


  • Leaks are common
  • Quite expensive for an average hose

Lawn Pro Expanding Garden Hose

Lawn Pro Expanding Garden Hose

Described as a representation of the largest advancement in expanding hose technology, the lawn pro hose is manufactured without any seams. This eliminates the possibility of a ruptured seam.

Manufactured with solid copper fittings, the LawnPRO is far more superior to plastic type fittings that come with other expandable hoses. Copper incorporated with this model is known for durability and longevity.

Expandable hoses have never been lighter, and this piece weighs as little as 2.5 lbs. and can be kept in a handy storage bag when not in use, hence making one of the best pocket hose.  I commend the manufacturers of this piece for thinking outside the box and considering other possible uses of the hose. The fact that they can be used when camping or traveling, boating or taking out your recreational vehicle for cleaning purposes makes this tool not only a necessity for gardeners but everyone.


  • One of the strongest hoses available
  • Significantly stronger than other hoses
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Kink free


  • Hard to keep clean


Treeco Expandable Hose

Treeco Expandable Hose

If you are fed up of lugging around bulky, cumbersome hoses to water your plants, then this model is just for you. With the treeco, you can say goodbye to the pain of untangling garden hoses every time

This expandable hose is the perfect solution for your hassles. It will make your life a lot of easier because of its sophisticated and compact design, which doesn’t use up much space, unlike a traditional hose.

The multi-functional hose is also very lightweight, so washing your car, plants, lawn, porch, sidewalk, driveway, windows, and even your pet is a walk in the park

Moreover, the hose doesn’t get tangled so the water flow remains unaffected and you are spared from unnecessary effort invested in untangling the pipe. The expandable hose is available in lengths of your choice, which you can order as per your specifications and requirements.

I hereby recommend this hose for your home and car use. So what are you waiting for?


  • Highly durable and heavy-duty
  • Leak and burst proof
  • Quality metal sprayer
  • Easy storage with reel
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Parts of the connectors are plastic

Heavy Duty Expandable Garden Hose

Heavy Duty Expandable Garden Hose

The heavy duty expandable garden hose is an expandable garden hose 100ft, 2016 improved version of its predecessors. Replaced the strongest brass fittings and toughest inner latex to prevent the leak and burst problem, expect this model to give you excellent service that its predecessors didn’t.

The previous model had a too soft and thin latex will cause burst of the hose easily, the manufacturers have since replaced the new with tougher materials manufactured by leading American company, which is 30% thicker than ever, as a result improving its endurance with a whopping 600 times.

The heavy duty expandable adopts the professional machine to fix aluminum foil inside the brass fittings, which can seal more tightly to prevent the drop and leak problem.

These advancements of the previous model which by the way wasn’t that bad, make this model an ideal tool not only for users but also for manufacturers


  • Improved expandable garden hose
  • Thicker double inner latex core
  • Longer stronger brass fittings
  • Enhanced seal to prevent leaks
  • Heavy duty outer webbing


  • Some burst and have water gushing out of the hose
  • Leaks are common

Rainlax Garden Hose


I love using this light weight water hose. It feels well-made, and I can take it all round my house.

This expandable hose seems to expand quicker than the other expandable hoses that I have used. It expands up to three times from its original 17ft to 50 ft. When you turn the water off, it returns to its original size. With this fact, you can imagine the tremendous amount of space the rainlax saves.

There are no more leaks with the Rainlax its double thickening, and brass fittings efficiently prevents leak problems that are present with other hoses that are made of plastic

The sprayer also works great and works perfectly for flowers, windows, etc. also it comes with leak-proof washer and metal hook hose hanger. I highly recommend it.


  • Has double thickening double inner latex core
  • Brass fitting to solve leaking problems
  • Multi-functional spray nozzle
  • Can expand up to 3 times
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • A lot pricier than other models

Focusairy Expanding Heavy Duty Expandable Hose

Enjoy garden watering and make garden watering easy and convenient. The Focusairy 50 ft. With a free 8-function sprayer, nozzle patterns will sure satisfy your different watering needs.

It’s compact, and the tightly knitted outer fabric gives a nice impression. You won’t any twist, tangle, and kink.

This triple layer latex core hose is one of the strongest and most durable expanding hoses available on the market! It is designed to withstand the highest levels of water pressure up to 9bar with amazing results. This makes it the best pocket hose,

With there and more features that I find compelling in this hose. I am sure it will meet the demand of your need. You should consider it.


  • Pleasant design aesthetically
  • High-quality material
  • All-solid brass fittings
  • Strong and durable


  • Some hoses have a defect of breaking and bursting

Closeout Best 100′ Expanding Hose


With the product being released as recent as 2016, you expect the hose to offer only the best quality and improved features that other products in the market have failed to

Don’t waste your hard earned money on products that work for a couple of days or weeks then fall apart. The closeout comes from materials that are sturdy and can stand the test of time

Previous leaking that came from the use of plastic fittings around the model are now a thing of the past. The manufacturers designed the mold to give you the best brass fittings available today.

The fact that it can hold water at high pressures is just a bonus for you. It certainly will win your trust as it did for me.


  • Lightweight and won’t twist or tangle
  • Strong and expandable
  • Its double layer is indestructible
  • Has solid brass ends


  • Fragile to sharp pokes and may leak as a result

Closeout Expandable 100′ Expanding Hose

Expect a hose that offers quality and improved features.

Don’t waste your hard earned money on products that work for a couple of days or weeks then fall apart. The closeout comes from materials that are sturdy and can stand the test of time

The solid brass ends ensure the user against leaking that is prevalent with other hoses in the market today. The manufacturer’s choice of brass instead of plastic is a wise when it comes to solving the leaking problem.

You have to try this hose and find out what I am talking about.


  • Strong and expandable
  • Lightweight and doesn’t twist or tangle
  • Has solid brass ends
  • Its double layer is indestructible


  • Has a few blemishes


Factors To Consider When Buying An Expandable Hose

Buying an expandable hose can be tricky, considering they are a new invention in the market. However here are some factors you might consider.


You may be tempted to buy a longer one to suit all your watering needs. Don’t do it. Only buy the length you need. Longer hoses not only cost more but are heavy to move around and need more storage space than average ones. Also, consider the fact that they expand hence will be longer when using

However, a shorter than required hose may force you to stretch it, and this will make it vulnerable to snags and leaks

Material Used

Commonly, there are hoses made of rubber, vinyl or both. Vinyl is the least expensive and most lightweight option. They are also sturdy but more prone to kicking, splitting and cracking than other materials.

Often, they quickly degrade if left to the sun or exposed to harsh weather. They are however convenient for light duty tasks and low budgets.

Best Expandable Hose

The rubber hoses are the strongest and long lasting. However, their price tag is high and can be bulky and heavy to carry around. This type of hoses can, however, carry hot water with them because are less likely to kink. They can also resist cracking and ozone deterioration.

Reinforced hoses are a combination of both vinyl and rubber materials. This makes them more resistible to kinking and can ace water with high pressure.


Strength is measured concerning burst pressure. Some types of hoses are more prone to rapture than others. It is advisable to buy one with the right pressure ratings. A hose with a burst pressure of above 350 psi is the most suitable.

Hose Thickness

The most common garden hose is ¾ inch, 5/8 and half inch. They are measured based on the inside diameter. Obviously the bigger the diameter, the more water it is likely to carry

However the bigger the diameter, the heavier, so you must be keen and balance between the two options. As for me, I advise you to go for the five- eight for an average water flow and average weight.


A flexible hose is easier to store, and to goes around the corners easily. However, a more flexible one kinks easily and shortens the life of your hose.

Some hoses, however, are better than others, the reinforced and rubber hoses are less likely to kink than other kinds.

Final Verdict

Buying a good quality expandable hose can save your life, and that of your garden plants. Using the pointers and suggestions in the expandable garden hose reviews above that I have given you will ensure you sort through different expandable hoses on the market today.

This will give you an edge over your neighbor who thinks his traditional hose is better than your broken one.

I have also named a few factors to consider before buying an expandable hose. So go for the best and make value for your money and remember cheaply is expensive. And, Don’t forget to read ‘how to maintain garden hose‘ to get your hose’s long life.

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