Best Chipper Shredder 2018: Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide


When I was starting my journey as a gardener, I feel so disappointed for those leafs and branches fell all over my garden. Those make the entire area ugly and disgusting to look at. I tried lots of things to make the garden area cleaner. But those tasks need much more effort. However, burn those fallen leafs and branches or dispose of those things can make your job effortless. But according to many garden experts, you can use those yard and garden waste as mulch or compost.

Isn’t it ideal to use them as compost rather than to dispose or burn them out? Well, yes it is beneficial. A chipper Shredder can convert leaves and branches into mulch or fertilizer. You can use those fertilizer or mulch in the living trees. However, it is actually an eco-friendly method to reuse those garden wastes.

That is why today I am here with my topic best chipper shredder 2018. I will show you some best chipper shredders models and lately, I will discuss the buying process as well. Let’s begin.

Reviews of Best Chipper Shredder 2018

Not only from my experience but also from several nights of research and analysis I enlisted 6 best chipper shredders in two categories. Those are outstandingly amazing with performance and durability. Let’s have close look on them.

Best Gas Powered Chipper Shredder

Here, I will show you the list of best gas powered chipper shredder. Usually, gas powered chippers are more powerful and suitable for heavy-duty purposes. Let’s see those 3 best gas powered chipper shredder at a glance.

Troy-Bilt CS4325 250cc Chipper Shredder

The Troy-Bilt CS4325 Chipper Shredder is one of the best chipper shredder models in the market at present. It has the capability to solve all round yard cleaning needs. Therefore, it runs with powerful 250CC motor and has Stratton OHV engine that makes it incomparable with any other existing models. However, it is a 2in 1 chipper shredder that has 2 inches of chipping capacity.

The Troy-Bilt CS4325 Chipper Shredder features two chromium steel chipper knives and twelve replaceable cast steel flails that cut flawlessly. Therefore, it comes with a reduction ratio of about 10:1 capabilities. Let’s see the key features of this extremely powerful chipper shredder.

Troy-Bilt CS4325 250cc Chipper Shredder

Troy-Bilt Chipper Shredder Key features 

  • Powered by 250 CC Briggs
  • Has Stratton OHV engine
  • Comes with 2-inch Chipping capacity
  • 2 chromium steel chipper knives available
  • Features 12 replaceable cast steel flails as well
  • Extra large collection bag included
  • 10:1 reduction ration

Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder – 205cc 4-Cycle Briggs Engine

Utmost power and tremendous durability are the major characteristics of Earthquake 9060300 chipper shredder. It is outstanding and has the ability to chip materials up to 3 inches thicker. Undoubtedly it is heavy duty model and comes with two individual bushel bags. Therefore, the chipping knives and hammers are durable and beast as well. It has a waste reduction ratio of about 20:1 and easily converts brush piles into usable mulch.

Therefore, if you can use the Earthquake 1692327 Chipper-Shredder Tow Bar with it for more convenient and efficient performance. This Earthquake 9060300 chipper shredder is best in this price range also the price of Earthquake Tow Bar is inexpensive.

Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder - 205cc 4-Cycle Briggs Engine

Earthquake Chipper Shredder Key features

  • Has the ability to chip materials up to 3 Inch in diameter
  • Comes with heavy-duty chipping knives and hammers to get all the job done
  • It can convert brush piles quickly into usable mulch
  •  Waste reduction ratio is about 20:1
  • Includes a two-bushel bag for easy cleaning

Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder – 212cc 4-Cycle Engine

With stunning 212CC viper engine, this Tazz K3 Chipper Shredder is another best gas powered model. The viper engine is 4 cycle and has large 11 inches of wheels included for tremendous chipping performance. Therefore, the design of this chipper shredder is compact and lightweight. It is portable so, super easy to carry from one place to another. It has the ability to chip about 3 inches of diameter branches. It is tough and has durable components as well. However, it has rugged steel hopper that feeds the plant matter into the grinding chamber without any extra hassle. It is super easy to operate and has large debris bag included.

Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder - 212cc 4-Cycle Engine

Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder Key features

  • Has powerful 212cc Viper engine
  • Comes with 11-inch wheels
  • Rugged easy-to-use debris bag included
  • Features Bottom-Out zipper
  • Includes A quick Dock-and-Lock bag connector

Best Electric Powered Chipper Shredder

Now, it’s time to show you the best electric powered chipper shredders. Though those are not much powerful than gas powered one but those have enough power to deal with a medium sized yard or garden area. Let’s have look on 3 best electric powered chipper shredders quickly.

Sun Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

For the professional gardeners, the name Sun Joe is the name of beliefs and trust. For over years they are producing amazing garden tools with extreme power and incredible performance. The Sun Joe CJ601E is one of the best electric Chipper Shredder in the market at present. It comes with a powerful 14-Amp motor that makes the chipping job effortless. It is an ideal option for converting branches and leaves into nutrient-rich garden fertilizer. Therefore, it is well constructed and portable as well. The Sun Joe CJ601E comes with 6-inch wheels that boost up the portability of this chipper. It includes a safety hopper and locking knob that ensures the best safety one need.

Sun Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper Shredder

Sun Joe Chipper Shredder Key features  

  • Best for turning branches and twigs
  • Features powerful 14 amp motor
  • Has the ability to chips and shreds branches up to 1.5-inches thick
  • Compact design
  • Comes with 6-inch wheels
  • Safety hopper included
  • Has locking knob
  • ETL approved

GreenWorks 24052 15 Amp Corded Shredder/Chipper

If you want the best chipper shredder in your budget to consider the GreenWorks 24052. It comes with amazing power and yet within a very reasonable price range. Therefore, it is designed by the great GreenWorks so nothing to worry about the performance and durability.

However, it features a 15 Amp motor and also you have to runs it with electric power. It chips and shreds like a professional with 7-inch large wheels. The wheels make it more portable and faster. Besides, it ensures maximum cutting about a diameter of 1 3/8 inch branches. Therefore, the GreenWorks 24052 Shredder Chipper has push paddle included that pushes feeding materials into the hopper safely. It is easy to operate and has large collection bag included for disposal.

GreenWorks 24052 15 Amp Corded Shredder Chipper

GreenWorks  Shredder Chipper Key features 

  • Features powerful 15 Amp motor
  • Offers maximum cutting diameter of 1 3/8″
  • Comes with 7-inch wheels
  • Features Push paddle as well
  • A large collection bag is also included
  • Additional set of reversible blades also included with the offer

Earthwise GS70015 15-Amp Electric Garden Chipper/Shredder

Are you wondering the best chipper shredder at a reasonable price? Let me discuss the Earthwise Electric Garden Chipper Shredder first. You will understand why it is on the list of best chipper shredder reviews. Therefore, it features powerful 15 amp motor that is suitable for chipping and shredding of about 1 3/4inches of thicker branches. It has durable back wheels that ensure the portability and has large 1.2-bushel collection bin as well.

However, the chipper is extremely well made and has overload protection facility included. To ensure your safety it has leaf chute and tamper tool as well. Just don’t think twice rather pick the best chipper shredder as soon as possible.

best chipper shredder Earthwise GS70015

Earthwise Electric Garden Chipper Shredder Key features

  • Dominant 15 Amp motor included
  •  Capable of chipping about 1 3/4″ inch thick branches
  • Leaf chute and tamper tool included for safety
  • Comes with 1.2-bushel collection bin
  •  Has overload protection facility included with
  • Reset switch available
  • Offers Durable back wheels
  • Compact and portable design

That’s for the reviews part. Hope you already choose which one is to buy. Therefore, in order to purchase the best chipper shredder, you have to know some basics as well. That’s why I am adding the buying section below. Don’t forget to check it out.

 Best Chipper Shredder: Ultimate Buying Guide 

A good Chipper Shredder has the ability to make your life easier. Everyone wants a neat, clean and beautiful looking garden and lawn. But nobody wants to make their weekend hard! That’s why a good chipper shredder is a must. It will reduce your effort stunningly and your garden waste will turn into something useful with it.

But the fact is out there you will find lots of options for Chipper Shredder. From these humungous options, picking the best chipper shredder is quite severe.

That’s why I am adding the buying section in here. After reading this section you will be able to pick the best chipper shredder for your lawn. Let’s see which things we should consider purchasing the best chipper shredder for our tasks.

Electric or Gas Powered Chipper Shredder

Both the gas powered and electric powered chipper is effective but apparently gas powered models are more powerful than electric ones. Gas powered models have more edge than electrically powered shredders as well. But the fact is gas operated models are more weighty and produce more noise as well. They are specially made to do heavy duty tasks.

On the other hand, electric powered shredders are easy to operate and run with the power of electricity. Those models are lightweight and portable as well. They provide quite an operation and they are inexpensive as well. Therefore, they are not very suitable for heavy duty tasks.

If you need to do heavy-duty tasks frequently than it is wiser to go for a gas powered model and if you need to deal with light works regularly, you can pick an electric model.

Consider the Sound Level

Therefore, usually, a chipper produces noise. Some produced much and some produce less. While going to purchase a chipper shredder it would be wiser to check the sound level carefully. Otherwise, with much noise, your neighbors can complain. However, gas operated models produced much noise than electrically operated models. But on the other hand, gas powered models is more powerful than an electric one.

Essential Features to Look

While going to purchase a chipper shredder don’t forget to consider some essential features as well. Therefore first measure the size of limbs that can feed to the chipper. That is known as feed capacity.

Second consider the reduction ration as well. Most of the chippers value a reduction ration from 10:1 to 20:1. Next consider the weight and blade numbers. Lightweight models are easy to move from one place to another. And for blades, the more blade the machine the more performance it will provide.

Price Range

Actually, those chipper shredders are a bit expensive. Those chipper shredders include powerful motors, durable engines, sharp blades so obviously, those will come at a high price range. But the fact is if you pick one that is best in quality it will provide beast-like performance for years. However, out there you will find some cheap quality products at a cheap price range. Don’t go for them. This will not last for long. Better is to pick a branded model.


Look the warranty issues as well. Most of the well-known brands offer a limited time warranty. Look how many years they will provide the warranty and how to get the service.

Final words

Once, the life was tough. Now modern science makes it easy and effortless with lots of beneficial invention. A chipper shredder is one of the most effective blessings of modern science. It reduces human effort and makes our everyday task quicker.

Therefore you already know the benefits of a chipper shredder; I don’t need to tell you anymore. I already showed you the best available chipper shredder models and how to pick one wisely. Now it’s up to you whether pick one from those best options or waste your money on something worst.

We will meet again with lots of effective garden tips and tricks again. Till then stay safe and sound!

Take Care!!!

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