8 Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews 2018


A leaf blower often referred to as a blower is a gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle to move leaves and grass cuttings. These leaf blowers are powered by electric or gasoline motors. Leaf blowers are also perform tasks like cleaning areas covered by mulch or bark more effectively than hand tools.

Leaf blowers are commonly independent handheld units, or knapsack mounted units with a handheld wand. The last is more ergonomic for delayed use. Bigger units might lay on haggles utilize an engine for drive. Some are known as the backpack leaf blowers as you can carry them in your back.

Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews: Our Top 8 For 2018

Husqvarna 350BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle X-Torq Gas Powered 180 MPH Midsize Backpack Leaf Blower (CARB Compliant):

Outstanding product for exceptional yards. Luckily, the Husqvarna scope of yard and patio nursery hardware offers everything from lawnmowers and ride-on cutters to trimmers and cutting apparatuses to let you ace your awesome outside. You and Husqvarna – together we will make your yard the jealousy of the area. The Husqvarna 350bt is a one of a kind lightweight Backpack leaf blower because of the huge landowner.

Husqvarna 350BT

This well-known 50cc moderate size blower highlights another, capable x-torq motor for expanded force, better efficiency and lessened emanations. The saddle and controls are ergonomically intended for high limit and usability. Throttle controls are mounted on the tube. 2 year parts and labor warranty.

Ideal for expert scene contractual workers and also mortgage holders with extensive area regions, the exceptionally lightweight, fair size Husqvarna 350bt rucksack blower includes another, capable x-torq motor for expanded force, better mileage and diminished outflows. The saddle and controls are ergonomically intended for high limit and convenience, and throttle controls are mounted on the tube.

Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

Let’s get introduced with one of the most demanding and best backpack leaf blower, the Husqvarna 150BT Gas Backpack Blower. That very backpack blower weights around 22.5 pounds, and features the most powerful engine for mid-size blower, the 50 cc X-Torq engine. Besides, the control panels, the harness are efficiently designed for high capacity and easy usage. It is very comfortable to use, and CARB complicated as well.

Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower


Since any backpack leaf blower has to deliver high air speed, the fans of this blower’s engine are ergonomically constructed to deliver up to 250 MPH air flow speed. At this price range, this certain leaf blower shall be a great choice, no worry about that. That blower comes with 2 years’ consumer warranty, although for household personal use only. So, do not miss out the chance of acquiring this commercial blower.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower with JumpStart Technology

The motor additionally has both spring assist innovation and jumpstart ability for simple beginning. A long flex tube permits the client to coordinate the air effortlessly. The protected cool flex knapsack outfit has cushioned straps and permits cool air to course to the administrator’s back. Supported by a two-year guarantee.Backpack Leaf Blower


Working from the client’s knapsack, this gas blower is agreeable, yet sufficiently capable to handle your arranging needs. Completely tensioned multi-material suspension framework conveys weight equitably and easily in the middle of shoulders and hips. Rucksack plan and cushioned hip belt for decreased administrator weariness; fits the state of your hips and lessens weight focuses. Long flex tube permits administrator to move around and under articles.

Makita BBX7600N 75.6 CC 4-Stroke Backpack Leaf Blower

Makita’s 75.6 cc rucksack blower joins a cleaner-blazing 4-stroke engine with longer run time and calmer operation. The bbx7600n is EPA and carb consistent and conveys business obligation force and execution. The cleaner-smoldering, fuel-effective bbx7600n is a genuine stride up from more established 2-stroke innovation.

Makita BBX7600N

The blower has lower fuel and oil utilization than different models in the class, yet has business obligation execution with a greatest velocity of 195 mph and a most extreme air volume of 526 cubic feet for every moment. The decompression framework guarantees simple beginning and the oil filling port and deplete attachment are effectively gotten to for support. furthermore, the substantial limit air channel enhances dust control and develops the life of the motor

RYOBI RY08420 42cc Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Grass/Yard Leaf Blower

Ryobi outdoor items presents our most effective blower – ever. The special motor mounting is built to convey most extreme wind current at all times, and the molded shoulder/back saddle gives extreme solace and a flawless fit.

RYOBI Refurbished RY08420 Backpack Leaf Blower

The tube development incorporates a variable pace trigger and journey control for simple summon, and the calculated spout focuses actually descending – lessening exertion, and expanding clearing power. Shaped back/shoulder bridle and flexible fit for less client weariness. One of a kind motor position for boosted wind stream. Huge 42cc motor for ideal clearing power. Variable speed and journey control for helpful operation. exceptional descending edge plan for client solace

DEWALT DCBL590X2 Cordless Backpack Blower

Looking for a less noisy backpack leaf blower with utmost performance? Consider the DEWALT DCBL590X2 that provides maximum silence operation with two powerful 40 volts 7.5ah Lithium Ion batteries. The air speed of this DEWALT leaf blower is about 450 CFM at 142 MPH.

DEWALT DCBL590X2 Cordless Backpack Blower

Therefore, it also comes with control handle by which you can select which battery should perform now and which one should not. Besides, the handle also comes with a trigger for speed variation and speed lock with simple push button.

The construction of this backpack leaf blower is superior to last years after years without any single issue. It is designed to do heavy duty task without any hassle. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable price range for such quality. If you want a efficient backpack leaf blower for the money, look no further then this DEWALT DCBL590X2.

Makita EB7650WH Gas Backpack Blower

The Makita EB7650WH is the synonym of utmost power and superior performance. It is a fuel efficient model with 4 strokes 75.6 cc MM4 commercial duty engine. It is one of the advanced backpack leaf blower of present time. It comes with mechanical automatic engine decompression facility that starts the engine quickly and easily.

Makita EB7650WH Gas Backpack Blower

However, this Makita EB7650WH offers quieter operation than any other existing backpack leaf blower model. It features hip throttle with cruise control and on-off switch for advanced and convenience performance. Besides this leaf blower provides commercial level performance with heavy air speed of about 200mph and air volume of about 670 cubic feet per minute.

To provide utmost comfort to the operators this Makita Backpack leaf blower features anti-vibration mounts in between the frame and engine and padded straps with padded back panel. In every aspect this is one of the best backpack leaf blower models of present time.

Troy-Bilt TB2BP Gas Backpack Blower

The Troy-Bilt TB2BP EC Backpack Blower is another best backpack leaf blower model in our panoply. It offers highest blowing force like a handheld blower. It is super powerful and simple to operate as well. The Troy-Bilt TB2BP runs with a 2 cycle full crank engine of 27cc. It can handle thickest and toughest leaf pile like a boss.

Troy Bilt TB2BP Gas Backpack Blower

Moreover, it has the ability to blow up to 145mph air speed and 445cfm air volume for beast like performance. Also, it features throttle that comes with speed adjustment facility.

The Troy-Bilt TB2BP EC Backpack Blower offers superior control and maneuverability to its operator with long flex tube. On the other hand the design of the backpack is comfortable with padded shoulder straps and a hip belt of finest quality. If you are looking for monster performance with extraordinary comfort, this is the perfect choice for you.

Bonus Best Handheld Leaf Blower

Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

Secured by Hitachi’s industry driving 7-year Consumer guarantee, the RB24EAP hand held Accessible to both property holders and experts, the RB24EAP highlights a cleanse groundwork for brisk and straightforward begins, a low outflow Pure Fire motor and an extensive two finger throttle for less demanding operation.

Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower

The extraordinary adjust and light weight make it perfect for little tidy up, while it has the ability to handle bigger yard work. Worked to make brisk work of enormous cleanup errands, the Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Blower utilizes a 23.9 cc business grade motor. It highlights Pure Fire low-outflow two-stroke motor innovation, a vast two-finger throttle lever. It offers an air volume of 441 cubic feet for every moment and conveys velocities up to 170 miles for each hour for powerful trash evacuation.

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower

The ultra-electric blower van conveys all the force and adaptability you have to handle yard tidy up errands. It offers a rough metal impeller and variable velocity air control. Its blower embeds for different applications permit you to handle any space. New bottom-zip vacuum pack’s zipper deliberately put for strength and usability.

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower

Littler flotsam and jetsam implies more fit into the pack. Presently incorporates worked in string lock to all the more effectively secure the additional string to the item. This item is secured by a two-year full guarantee. You can’t purchase an all the more capable electric blower/vac than a Toro. New bigger metal impeller drives control and enhanced mulching effective up to 250 mph degree. Vacuum tube, base zip sack, power embed, concentrator spout and rope stockpiling snare included; additional line excluded. Variable pace control for better control in both blower and vac mode. Top of the line air strength degree for correlation purposes just. execution claims in light of controlled research facility testing

A leaf blower can make quicker work of this autumn chore than the traditional rake. A backpack blower is most effective in order to put all the leaves of a lawn or garden in one place to be removed by hand or some other means. It likewise spare time contrasted with a sweeper.

Best Backpack Leaf Blower : Ultimate Buying Guide

Backpack Leaf blowers are gardening devices that use boosted air to move leaves and other debris. Whether handheld or backpack attached, leaf blowers are usually used for their capability to professionally complete many outdoor cleaning works.

Although they are not without their drawbacks, leaf blowers signify wise investments for many home and business owners. Please check out the following buying Back pack leaf blower buying guide and let us know in case of any confusions about it. Back pack leaf blower buying guide can help you to choose the right product for you. Now let’s have a look at Back pack leaf blower buying guide given bellow.

What is a Backpack Leaf Blower?

Now a days, leaf blowers are broadly used for outdoor cleanup works because they can complete these tasks much more speedily than hand devices. Though the nominal resolution of a leaf blower is to take away leaves, blowers are also handy for removing grass clippings, blowing dirt off farm or building equipment, and removing garbage or debris from parking lots and sidewalks. Leaf blowers can even remove light, fluffy snow under relatively calm conditions.

Current design developments have helped to cut down on leaf blower releases and sound creation, further increasing their usefulness among homeowners. When used correctly, a leaf blower can rapidly remove debris without being destructive to the primary surface or disturbing the operator’s neighbors.

How Backpack Leaf Blowers Work

Leaf blowers work using the power of centrifugal force. A gas-powered or electric motor placed within the blower’s casing speedily spins a fan, which drives in outside air and forces it through a smaller opening. The force of the fan and the variance in size between the openings pressurizes the air, which then leaves the blower through a nozzle at a very fast. Some leaf blowers can push air out at speeds exceeding 250 miles per hour, which delivers more than enough force to clear off many kinds of debris.

Power Sources

Many smaller backpack leaf blowers projected for home use are powered by electricity. Of these, some run on battery power while others using power cords. Electric leaf blowers tend to have low power than their gas-powered counterparts, but they also make low noise and are somewhat less awkward to use because there is no need for a fuel tank. Small, cordless leaf blowers are excessive for small yards with few trees; bigger electric blowers are ideal for somewhat larger yards.

Larger and more powerful leaf blowers trust on gasoline for power. Naturally, these blowers have two-stroke engines, but creators also create leaf blowers with four-stroke engines in order to cut down on issues. These blowers be liable to make more noise than electric blowers, but they have significantly more power and are well-matched for heavy-duty tasks.

Optional Features of backpack leaf blower

While many backpack leaf blower’s occupation only to remove debris, some have additional vacuum settings. These blowers can essentially take in debris and straight it to an involved bag for simple disposal. Some such blowers include shredding gear that can really turn the debris into mulch for shrubs and gardens. Even if the mulch is not to be used, shredding the debris significantly reduces its volume and thus makes disposal cooler.

Types of Backpack Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are presented in a wide range of sizes and types appropriate for different works. Before purchasing a backpack leaf blower, it is necessary to understand what these types are and why they are matched for specific works.

Backpack Leaf Blower Terminology

The power of a backpack leaf blower is primarily measured in terms of cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM, the greater the volume of air exiting the device and thus the greater the power to move leaves and debris.

Power is also restrained in terms of miles per hour (MPH); that is, the velocity at which air leaves the blower. Again, the faster the air, the faster the leaf blower can eliminate debris.

The noise level of a leaf blower is measured in terms of decibels (dBA). The lower the dBA rating, the low noise the blower makes during action. Some dominions need that leaf blowers be below a convinced dBA threshold to be officially used. Typical reduction ratios range from 8:1 to 16:1.

Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews 2016

Backpack Leaf Blower : Factors to Consider

Selecting the right leaf blower for a job needs an accepting of the size of the area to be cleared, the type of debris to be cleared, and the neighboring situations. In universal, the bigger the area to be cleared, the more powerful the blower needs to be.

Power Source

Even small leaf blowers have equally important power requirements, so cordless leaf blowers can’t be used nonstop for long periods of time. Battery life differs from blower to blower, of course, but in common a cordless blower can only be used for up to 15 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

Electric backpack leaf blowers with power cords can run for an unlimited period of time because they don’t need to be recharged. However, use of these tools is restricted by the length of the cord. An electric blower can clear any area that is within about 150 feet of an outlet simply enough; beyond that, ranging a cord becomes impractical and possibly dangerous.

Gas-powered leaf blowers offer an unmatched combination of trans-portability and power. If it is essential for clear an area that is more than 150 feet from an outlet and needs more than 15 minutes of clearing time, this type of blower is the only feasible choice.

It is also worth noting that electric leaf blowers tend to make low noise than gas-powered blowers. Thus, electric blowers are usually favored for use in residential areas and other places where keeping the noise level lower is important.

Rules and Regulations

Before buying a backpack leaf blower, it is very significant to check on any local ordinances or directives that restrict leaf blower use. Some societies have banned blowers entirely; others limited their use to certain times or disallow blowers above a certain decibel level. Always make sure that a given blower will be allowed to use before spending money on it.

Safe and Courteous Use

Since leaf blowers make significant amounts of noise, it is important to use common sense during working to avoid causing problems. Common sense also reduces accidents that could damage the blower or injure the operator.

Being thoughtful of one’s neighbors’ means not using a leaf blower very early in the morning or very late in the evening. Follow any native rules that limit blower use at certain times. Besides, during use, you should not blow debris toward people, pets, cars, or open windows and doors.

As with any other power tool, do not leave a leaf blower running while connection. If it is essential to step away from a leaf blower, turn the device off first.

Depending on the decibel level, it may be essential to wear ear protection while using a leaf blower. When using a noisy device and wearing ear protection, it is very vital to stay conscious of one’s surroundings in order to avoid accidents.

If you have any questions of confusions or problems concerning it, feel free to share with us. It will be pleasure helping you. And if you think this Backpack leaf blower buying guide is helpful. Let us know.

Thank you.

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