13 Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews 2018


On the off chance that you have a rock garage or your carport is uneven, a best 2 stage snow blower is the littlest sort of blower you’ll have to buy. 2-stage blowers have 4-cycle motors and their wood screws are lifted over the ground, so rock won’t be sucked up and tossed.

This likewise implies the wood screw won’t drive your blower. Rather, the motor itself pushes the wheels forward or in reverse. Most models have various paces you can set at. This is particularly useful on the off chance that you need to clear a zone where snow has heaped, and need to back off to clear it.

What is a two stage snow blower?

A gas 2 stage snow blower is a machine with an ignition motor and a two section snow clearing framework that permits them to clear the heaviest snow fall in the most effective way. The impeller fan then explodes the snow through the snow chute, where it is tossed anywhere in the range of 25 to 50 feet away. These snow blowers are the greatest and most effective stroll behind snow blowers you can discover, and they are intended to handle the hardest occupations and the heaviest snow fall.

2 stage snow blowers are especially helpful in ranges where the ground is not cleared. Since they don’t reach the ground, there is no danger of grabbing the rock, wood chips or different flotsam and jetsam with the twist drill that could conceivably either harm the impeller fan or present security perils if flung out of the snow chute.

Since they don’t reach the ground, the twist drills on two stage gas snow blowers will essentially leave a slender layer of snow behind. Consequently, they are not prescribed on the off chance that you are clearing a carport or walkway that is cleared, as you will need to either clear it a second time or put down rock salt to soften any remaining snow.

New 4 Pick For 2018

Here is the list of 4 latest two stage snow blower of 2018. Those are manufactured with all latest technology and features. Those are effectively constructed two withstand against harshest winter condition. Besides, for they value those 4 are amazing. Just have look on reviews.

Husqvarna ST224P  Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Husqvarna ST224P is a powerful snow thrower with lots of practical features. By using this snow thrower, you can remove snow from your long driveway and walkway. The Husqvarna ST224P snow thrower with 6.3HP can able to remove snow about 2 to 12 inches. It’s very simple to start and operate. The Power steering is so smooth that a 9/10 years old can handle it. With this great snow blower, you can remove any types of snow whether it’s light and fluffy or deep and wet.


  • It has 208cc Husqvarna engine
  • High-quality Power Steering
  • It has Electric Starting system
  • Powerful LED-Headlight
  • 24-inch clearing pathway
  • 180 degree remote chute rotation

Husqvarna 961930097 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower

HUSQVARNA ST 227P 2 stage electric snow thrower is effective for snow removal about 2 to 12 inch and it can throw snows about 30 feet away. It can remove dry snow, wet sloppy snow, and almost a foot of snow without any difficulty. Assembly is simple and easy. It has excellent and faster power steering and changing of chute position is simpler than you think.


  • It comes with 254cc Husqvarna engine
  • Faster power steering
  • Efficient and Powerful LED Light
  • Includes 180-degree remote chute rotation with remote deflector
  • Useful heated grip handles
  • 15-inch stiff tire
  • 2.7 Littre fuel tank facility

Snow Joe iON24SB-XR Cordless Self-Propelled Two-Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON24SB is world’s first ever battery operated dual stage snow blower which can merge the power and performance of gas and cordless snow removing process. It’s two 40V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can work perfectly up to 40minutes. With the powerful LED light and you can handle snow in the night too. This is very effective for large walkway and driveway.


  • Amazing battery powered two stage snow blower
  • Comes with two 40V rechargeable battery
  • Very powerful LED light
  • Digital Display system
  • Easy to operate

Remington RM3060 357cc Electric Start 30-Inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Remington RM3060 snow blower

The Remington RM3060 Two Stage Gas Snow Thrower is one of the most powerful options in our list. It features a powerful 357 CC motor that can clean 30 inches wide and 21 inches deep pathway.  Besides, using it is hassle free. You can start this one only with a simple push button that is handy in sub- zero temperatures.

Therefore, it has large 16-inch X-Trac tires and deluxe polymer skid shoes included. That is the secret behind its steadiness. It also has eight speeds setting included for different types of snows. Also, it has overhead chute and headlight included for making cleaning type effective in the worst weather. The build quality of this snow thrower is also premium quality. You can pick and make snow time easier.


  • 30 inches wide and 21 inches deep cutting ability
  • Powerful 357 cc with electric start
  • 16-inch X-Trac tires
  • Deluxe Polymer skid shoes
  • Eight-speed setting
  • Features remote crank chute rotation system

Best 2 stage snow blower Reviews: Top 10 Picks For 2018

Above 4 can’t make you pleased? No problem sir! We have 10 of the best 2 stage snow blower of 2018. Throughout the year 2018, these 10 leaded the market. Even still people have the deep fascination about this 10. Have look on their features. Hope you will get what you want.

Power Smart DB7651 Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Thrower:


Best 2 Stage Snow Blower Reviews


The Power Smart DB7651-24 is a 2-stage gas snow blower with measurements of 38 x 26 x 30 inches. It has a push catch begin and a 208 cubic centimeter, four-cycle motor with overhead valve plan. Its drive framework is self-impelled and it has four forward and two opposite velocities.Power Smart DB7651 number 1 on Best two stage snow blower list.


  • 24 inch freedom width And 21 inch snow cut profundity.
  • Tough materials and manufacture.
  • Effective 4-cycle motor.
  • Self-pushed drive framework.
  • The Power Smart DB7651-24 has an intense motor that drives the huge wood screw and strong impeller fan, permitting it to slice through snow floats rapidly and proficiently.
  • the Power Smart DB7651-24 has four variable forward velocities and two opposite paces

Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower:

Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 250cc Engine and Electric Start

The Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Medium-Duty Dual-Stage Snow Thrower accompanies a 3-year gear and motor guarantee to secure against imperfections in materials and workmanship. Known for dedicated, reliable, effective items, Briggs and Stratton is the world’s biggest maker of fuel motors for open air power gear.Briggs and Stratton 1696619 number 2 on best 2 stage snow blower list.


  • 27-Inch wide clearing way with a 20-inch Intake tallness
  • Effective 1150 snow arrangement 250cc motor for 11.5-foot-pounds of torque
  • Erosion circle drive framework and furnished with an electric begin for easy beginning
  • Furnished with an electric begin for easy beginning
  • 3-year restricted hardware and motor guarantee.

Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Electric Start Snow thrower :

Best two stage snow blower

The Husqvarna ST224 two stage snow hurler works incredible for snow gatherings of 2-12 Inch. Highlights incorporate a 208cc Husqvarna motor, electric begin, LED front light, 24-inch clearing way, 180 degree remote chute pivot with remote diverter, warmed hold handles, 12-inch enhanced execution strip twist drills, grating circle transmission, aluminum gearbox, 15-inch tires and 2.7 liter fuel tank. Husqvarna ST224 number 3 on Best two stage snow blower list.


  • 208cc Husqvarna motor
  • 15-inch tires
  • Electric Start
  • 24-Inch Two Stage

Power Smart DB7103-24 Two Stage Snow Thrower:

Power Smart DB7103-24

The Power Smart DB7103-24 Two Stage 24 creep wide Snow Thrower has a 208cc LCT Snow Engine. This overwhelming obligation workhorse has an electric begin alongside a force begin. It includes a LED front lamp, self-pushed guiding and interlocking handles. It additionally highlights a control board, with a remote chute control and 180 degree chute turn. The intense snow motor surrenders you to 30 feet of tossing separation. It can deal with snow up to 21 Inch in tallness.Power Smart DB7103 number 4 on best 2 stage snow blower list.


  • Electric begin for quick begin in a secured range and backlash begin when required when the motor is warm
  • Slices through snow up to 24 Inch wide and 21 Inch somewhere down in one pass
  • Four forward and two in reverse paces for assorted types and profundities of snow
  • Capable 208cc 2-stage LCT Snow Engine OHV 4-cycle Engine
  • Driven Headlight

Poulan PRO PR240 – 24-Inch 179cc Two Stage Snowthrower – 961920067

Poulan PRO PR240 Snow Blower

The Poulan PRO PR240 Two Stage Snow Thrower comes with 179cc Poulan Pro OHV engine which is powerful, durable and constructed to withstand immense winter condition.  It features strong ribbon augers that can break through ice and snow like a champ. However, the features in it are convenient which is why it starts easily and operating this one is hassle free. Therefore, it offers 6 forward and 1 reverse setting for effective use. The construction is heavy duty. This snow thrower surely will prove to be beneficial during winter.


  • 179cc Poulan PRO OHV Engine included
  • Clearing width 24 inch wide and 30 inch deep
  • 6 forward and 1 reverse speed setting
  • Perfect for large areas
  • Two step clearing process
  • Strong Skid Plates
  • Features over-sized Click-Style Fuel Cap
  • Remote chute rotation system included
  • Comes with 2.7 liter fuel capacity
  • Has Deep tread tires

Briggs and Stratton 1696614 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower:
Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 250cc Engine and Electric Start

The Briggs and Stratton 1696614 Medium-Duty Dual-Stage Snow Thrower highlights a 24-crawl wide clearing way with a 20 inch consumption tallness for clearing snow from walkways and other open air surfaces. This model comes outfitted with electric begin so when it’s an ideal opportunity to begin your hurler it’s as simple as pushing a catch. Unit includes a grinding circle drive framework with 5 forward and 2 reverse rates and a 12 inch steel scroll wood screw. Different elements incorporate manufactured oil for simple beginning, a dash mounted chute control and steel reversible slide shoes.Briggs and Stratton 1696614 number 6 on best 2 stage snow blower list.


  • 24-Inch wide clearing way with a 20-inch Intake tallness
  • Effective 950 snow arrangement 208cc motor for 9.5-foot-pounds of torque
  • Erosion plate drive framework and outfitted with an electric begin for easy beginning
  • Furnished with an electric begin for easy beginning
  • 3-year restricted gear and motor guarantee

Remington RM2460 208cc Electric Start 24-inch Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Remington RM2460 Snow Blower

If you have a large area to deal with, the Remington RM2460 will be the suited option for you. It is constructed to clean larger area quickly. This snow thrower has 208 cc 4 cycle OHV engine which is extreme powerful than you can even imagine. However, it is easy to start and operate. Only a simple push of a button can start the engine. Moreover, it has 24 inch clearing width and 21 inch intake height that blast through deepest snow.  You will see 8 different speed setting with 13 inch X-Trac tires for effective snow cleaning performance


  • 208cc 4 cycle OHV engine
  • 13 inch X-Trac Tire included
  • 8 speed setting
  • Offers 24 inch width and 21 inch deep cutting performance
  • Easy start with simple push button

Husqvarna ST230P Two Stage Electric Start:

Husqvarna ST224

The Husqvarna ST230P two stage snow hurler works awesome for snow gatherings of 2-12 Inch. Highlights incorporate a 291cc Husqvarna motor, electric begin, power directing, LED fog light, 30-inch clearing way, 180 degree remote chute pivot with remote diverter, warmed grasp handles, 12-inch enhanced execution strip twist drills, grating circle transmission. Hazardous materials Non-Returnable thing. Husqvarna ST230P number 7 on best 2 stage snow blower list.


  • 291cc Husqvarna motor
  • Remote Chute Deflector/Remote Chute Rotator
  • 16-inch tires
  • Electric Start and Power Steering
  • 30-Inch Two Stage

Yard Machines 179cc OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered 22-Inch Self Propelled 2-Stage Snow Thrower:

best 2 stage snow blower


The Yard Machines 2-stage snow hurler is minimized and has a 22-Inch deck. The snow hurler is outfitted with a 179cc OHV motor for most extreme force, execution and strength. Glove Grip Recoil Starter makes it simple to begin the motor even with gloves on! 180-Degree, E-Z chute revolution with a rough polymer chute modifies effortlessly and opposes stopping up, rusting or solidifying.Yard Machines number 8 on best 2 stage snow blower list.


  • The Yard Machines snow hurler is the ideal minimized instrument for clearing carports, walkways, and porches this winter
  • The 179cc OHV 4-cycle gas motor gives most extreme force, execution, and strength with no oil and gas blending required
  • Furnished with serrated twist drills to tear a 22-creep wide way quick
  • The 180-degree chute turn changes effortlessly and opposes stopping up, rusting, or solidifying
  • Highlights a 10-inch impeller that enhances snow evacuation over single-stage units

Remington RM2860 Electric Start 2-Stage Snow Thrower:

best 2 stage snow blower


Hoping to clear vast ranges of snow rapidly? The Remington RM2860 can offer assistance. Worked for bigger carports and heavier snowfalls, the intense Power more 243cc 4-cycle overhead valve (OHV) motor is good to go with the push of a catch. Its 28-inch clearing width and 21-inch admission stature impact through even profound snow. The truly extreme 15-inch X-Trac tires on this snow blower give dependability on every one of the 8 speed settings. The overhead chute and in-dash front light make clearing simple, even in the most exceedingly bad climate. Remington offers a 2-year guarantee on this item. Change your winter season today with the RM2860 Snow Thrower. Remington RM2860 number 9 on best 2 stage snow blower list.


  • Clears snow up to 28 crawls wide and 21 creeps somewhere down in one pass
  • Outfitted with a capable Power more 243cc OHV electric begin motor for reliable execution out in the tempest
  • The remote wrench chute turn permits you to toss snow in the heading you pick
  • Ready to work in 6 forward and 2 reverse self-impelled paces

The main snow clearing machine that is heartier than a two stage gas controlled snow blower is a snow furrow mounted on a vehicle. Two stage snow blowers are the main stroll behind snow clearing machines that offer the sort of vigorous force and high freedom capacity that can keep a major carport clear of substantial snow fall throughout the entire winter.

How to Pick the Best 2 stage snow blower

The basic reality is that a considerable lot of us appreciate the thought of a sound snowstorm. Whether it is so we can have a white Christmas, or appreciate winter exercises like skiing, snowboarding, and building snowmen with our children, or we simply like the thought of sitting easily before the flame with a measure of hot chocolate as snow floats discreetly heap up outside, there are a great deal of reasons we can appreciate a decent snowfall. In any case, that does not mean any of us relishes the thought of clearing snow from our carport or walkways. However, that is the truth of frigid winters, so we should make the best of it.

There are a couple of various types of snow blowers accessible nowadays, and everyone is intended to handle various types of occupations. There are electric snow blowers that can be battery controlled or must be connected to; these produce no carbon emanations and are better for the earth additionally less intense than gas snow blowers. Of the gas fueled snow blowers, there are 2-stage and single-stage sorts. Single-stage snow blowers have only one piece, the wood screw, which both gathers up the snow and tosses it through the chute at the highest point of the snow blower. 2-stage snow blowers have an extra piece, the impeller, which is similar to a fan that hauls snow up out of the wood screw and moves it through the chute.

What is a two stage snow blower?

It is a snow blower that has 2 methods for moving snow through the machine rather than only one. The principal stage is the wood screw, much the same as in a solitary stage snow blower. It is situated close to the chute of the snow blower. The wood screw gathers up the snow, and after that the impeller blows the snow out of the chute, this permits the snow to be tossed more distant than it is with a solitary stage snow blower.

The twist drill of two stage snow blowers don’t touch the ground. This implies they can be utilized on for all intents and purposes any landscape, for example, rock and shakes. The ruin of this however, is there will be a layer of snow/ice left over.

Stars of a two stage snow blower:

  • Toss snow more remote
  • More power Handle more profound, heavier snow
  • More control choices
  • Can be utilized on slopes and all territories

Best two stage snow blower: Things to consider

  • Clearing width and admission stature:
    These are presumably two of the most vital determinations to consider when you are looking for a best 2 stage snow blower. One reason these machines are so appealing notwithstanding their higher sticker prices is on the grounds that they can bolster greater clearing width and admission statures than single-stage snow blowers, so you should exploit that. A twist drill with a greater clearing width will have the capacity to handle a major carport with less passes, which thusly will lessen the measure of time you need to spend clearing the snow and have you back inside your warm house a ton speedier.
  • Motor size and torque:
    we continue discussing the force that best 2 stage snow blower offer, and that is on account of the force is the thing that permits them to bolster greater clearing widths and admission statures and also handle wet, slushy snow with no loss of execution. So actually the extent of the motor and the measure of strength it can offer are imperative contemplations. As a rule, the motors of 2-stage snow blowers range from around 120 to 420 cubic centimeters. A greater motor will more often than not have the capacity to give more strength to the machine, and the pull on gas 2-stage snow blowers ranges from around 6 to 24 HP. More pull and torque on your motor will make the machine more grounded in general, which will influence twist drill execution and drive speeds.
  • Break cutters and slip shoes:
    These are essential components to have on your 2-stage snow blower, in spite of the fact that they are not generally offered on each model. Float cutters are adornments that are mounted on either side of the wood screw lodging. They are intended to thump snow floats down before the wood screw lodging so that the twist drill can gather up the snow, and they additionally keep snow from falling over the highest point of the snow blower. In the event that you have a tendency to have breezy snow storms in your general vicinity that make snow shape profound floats, float cutters are for all intents and purposes an unquestionable requirement have thing.snowblower
  • Wheel stature and tire tread size:
    The wheel stature is essential, in light of the fact that greater wheels will have better footing and solidness on uneven ground. Assuming that you are keen on a 2-stage snow blower since you have an unpaved carport, it is an easy win that the garage is additionally uneven in spots. That implies you will need to search for a 2-stage snow blower with genuinely tall wheels. Tall wheels are essential on 2-stage snow blowers in light of the fact that the wood screw does not drive the machine by any means, so you need wheels that have enough torque to keep the snow blower pushing ahead smoothly. You will likewise require a 2-stage snow blower that has enormous, substantial obligation tires with huge, solid tire treads. This is particularly genuine if your garage is slanting downhill, as it will permit you to get more footing and control of the snow blower. Tires with greater treads are less inclined to slip on ice or tricky ground, which will keep the snow blower advancing and less demanding to control. You can likewise settle on extra snow chains for your tires, as they will improve the snow blower even at arranging elusive ground without turning or losing footing.
  • Guiding and control outline:
    2-stage snow blowers have an assortment of guiding and control choices, and it is vital to be acquainted with them so you are getting the kind that is a good fit for you. Some 2-stage snow blowers have single hand operation that permits you to effectively alter the pace and heading of the snow blower. Best 2 stage snow blower will likewise offer warmed handgrips with the goal that you are not frigid your fingers while you are working them. What’s more, numerous 2-stage snow blowers have a discretionary cockpit made of clear plastic, with the goal that you can work them in some level of safe house in the event that you are clearing snow amid a tempest.

2-stage snow blowers are additionally for the most part the most substantial obligation snow blowers accessible today, which implies they can bolster more extensive wood screws and admission statures than other snow blowers, furthermore can by and large clear heavier, wetter snow. They likewise have a tendency to be the more costly snow blowers available today. They are perfect for unpaved carports or for any garages that are more than around 20 yards in length.

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