5 Tips For Early Spring Lawn Care You Must Know !!!


After the snowy winter season your lawn needs some special touch to re-gain its green look. To get back the look you need to act fast just before the spring starts because spring is the only time for your lawn to get the old greenish look.Best time to fertilize your lawn

Tools and materials that you need

  • Lawn mower
  • Garden sprinkler system
  • Amendment
  • Herbicide
  • Lawn fertilizer

5 Tips For Early Spring Lawn Care

Increase the soil health:

The first step of spring lawn care would be to check your health of the soil. You need to aerate your lawn. Aerating means to dig hole so that the air and fertilizer can reach roots of the plants to settle in. pH level is also very important for any plant to be healthy. You should use a proper lawn aerator for this job.

To test the pH level of your soil first of all you need to dig a small hole in your lawn. Then fill it with distilled water which is available at any nearest pharmacy. Clean the pH tester very well and put it into the mud for 60 sec. if the reading is pH 7 then your soil is neutral, if it is greater than 7 then your lawn has alkaline soil and if the meter shows less than pH 7 then you have an acidic soil. Garden plants typically grows best in neutral soil or slightly in acidic soil.

Best time to fertilize your lawn:

Second step for spring lawn care would be to take necessary steps in various regions. For southern region, grass species like buffalo, Bermuda, zoysia and st. Augustine starts to grow just after winter. These species are known to survive best in summer. So spring is the best time for them to nourish and be taken care of so that you can have a green lawn at summer time.

But in northern region grass species like fescues, Kentucky blue grass and ryegrass prefers cold climate. For this if you are from northern region you should take well care of your lawn grasses until summer arrives. Summer will slow their growth and it will resume again in fall.

Watering your lawn:

Watering is a must for spring lawn care and watering regularly will help your plant to grow fast and be healthy. If you cannot maintain the time of your watering the lawn then you can use ‘watering wand’. there are both auto and manual water sprinklers for your lawn. We prefer using the right garden hose for making your life a bit easier. Specially we recommend to use one of the best expandable hoses for this job. You should choose right hose nozzles, and a swift garden hose reel.

You can water your lawn through sprinklers once a day if there is not adequate rainfall. Your sprinkler must be placed in a place where it can cover your whole lawn. It should water slowly as the water needs to be absorbed by the soil.

Watering your lawn is necessary but over watering might kill your grass/plants. Specially turf grasses needs to be watered adequately. Excess water might become home for several diseases.

Controlling weeds:

Weeds might become a problem for your lawn grasses as they can absorb all the valuable substances from the soil. To avoid weeds from spreading you need to have healthy lawn grass and you need to identify the weeds in the early stage so that it can’t grow. Herbicides can also be used to destroy the weeds.

But there are some weeds which can help your lawn plants/grass to be more healthy. It’s better to know about the weeds before getting rid of it.

Mowing your lawn:

You need to mow your lawn when your grasses are 3-4 inches tall (depends on variable species). Use cordless lawn mower or mulching mower to mow down your grass. Always leave the mowed leaves on the lawn. It will break down and it will be absorbed by the soil. Which is also good for your lawn. Mow your lawn frequently so that your grasses are all at same height.

So, early spring lawn care will definitely lead you to a nice, green and healthy lawn. You need to act accordingly to get your desired lawn before your neighbor has.

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