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Today we are talking about lawn mowing in the garden. How will you get a healthy grass and do you concern about perfect mowing plan for your favorite lawn?

Let’s go for digging it!

1. Mowing:

The most important part of your lawn mowing is to know how to mow perfectly. If you do not mow your lawn perfectly then you might be responsible for a pale or gloomy lawn. Mow perfectly for the health of your turf. It will even help your lawn to get rid of some weeds. It’s better to make a routine for mowing your lawn. By this, you will never remove one-third of total leaf surface.

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2. Scalping lawn:

Scalping the lawn means to cut down your lawn grasses so low that you can even see their stem and you can see the soil. Scalping the lawn is a very bad idea. Here are some reasons why it is a bad idea

  • Scalping can increase the number of weeds in your lawn
  • Weeds get enough sunlight as the grasses are low
  • The roots become weak and can be easily broken
  • Weak roots can cause serious trouble due to drought or high temperature

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3. Sharp you mower blade:

You do not want your lawn to be in an uneven shape. Before mowing your lawn with a mower check that if your mower blade is sharp enough or not. Dull blades will hardly cut through all the turf and it will create a mess in your lawn giving the diseases and other pests to enter the root of your grass.sharpen-785516_640

Turfs that are mowed with a dull blade can also make your lawn whitish or brown. This is because of the tip of some turf that are not being cut by the dull blade. Most importantly buy an extra blade for your mower and avoid using mower where there are stones and other stuff that might dull your mower blades.

4. Adjust your mower heights :

If you are mowing your lawn in summer then you must adjust your mower in a way that your grasses are high enough after mowing. This will help your turfs to grow longer and will prevent your lawn to drought. This will also help some weeds to grow which will also prevent from drought. But if you are mowing your lawn in winter and if snow falls it will be better to cut your turfs very low because the snow won’t is able to form a mold in grass.

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5. Mowing in the shades :

It is always better to grow your lawn in a shady place. It brings a plus point to your lawn as the lawn hardly gets sunlight the grasses would be higher which will conduct photosynthesis.

6. Mow when your grass is dry:

Always mow your lawn when it is dry. The dry lawn has dry grass which is easier to cut by a lawn mower. Mowing in a wet lawn is not a big problem but yes, it has got some negative sides.

  • Wet grass can clog your mower machine
  • It is hard to get rid of wet grass after mowing
  • Sometimes when your soil is wet the mower machine might damage your grasses

If you have to mow your wet lawn then you must put oil under your mower machine so that it doesn’t harm your grass anymore.

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7.  Mow when the heat is less:

This step will help you to know what happens when you mow during the warmer part of the day. Grasses loose water while they are mown during the warmer part of the day. Which is not easy for the grasses to recover throughout the day. But if you mow your lawn in the cold part of the day this can be avoided and grasses can be rebounded.

8. Wheel on Edging:

Make an edge beside your lawn so that there is a gap between your lawn and your pave way, road etc. this will help the edges of your lawn to be in an equal shape. You can use bricks, limestone, concrete to make the edge of your lawn.

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When you mow your lawn and let the mowed grasses lie on the lawn this is known as grasscycling. What happens is when you let them lie, they decomposes quickly and acts as a fertilizer for your lawn. But you need to cut those grasses into small pieces so that it can easily and quickly gets decomposed. For this, you don’t need to buy a new mower machine. You only need to replace your mower blade with the mulching blade.


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10. Compost clipping:

After mowing your lawn you can let those mowed grass parts lie on the lawn for decomposing. But longer grasses needs some special way to get decomposed quickly. For this, you need to rake out their clippings and mow over them so that they gets chopped .

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11. Pattern of your mowing:

Don’t follow a pattern while mowing your lawn. Do not mow in a particular pattern. This will weaken the grass and create compact on the soil.

12. Mowing on higher grounds:

You need to be very careful while mowing on higher grounds. Do not mow if the soil of that higher ground is wet. You may get some injuries due to it. Another thing you need to remember does not attempt mowing where the mower machine can’t reach. Try hedge trimmer there to cut those grasses. It will easily cut those grasses.

13. Battery powered mower:

If you have a big lawn then you must buy a battery powered mower with an extra battery. Go for those mowers which give the flexibility of charging the batteries. Wet lawns and longer grasses need much more battery power than smaller ones. When you have mowed your lawn you need to clean it properly and you need to store it in such a place where the temperature is moderate.

Thank you for reading this post! Stay with us for more lawn care tips.

Happy Mowing!

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