11 Best Electric Snow Shovel Reviews 2017


An electric snow shovel is a machine that is intended to take most of the work out of clearing light snow tumble from littler spaces, for example, yard stairs, short walkways, porches and decks. Scooping snow by hand is not just a repetitive and tiring employment, it can likewise be perilous: the undertaking sends more than ten thousand grown-ups and kids to crisis rooms each year.

Physically scooping snow can bring about back and bear strain, yet it likewise builds the workload put on the heart and cardiovascular framework and alongside icy temperatures, it expands the odds of a heart assault for people who are at danger.

These are the 11 best electric snow shovel reviews 2017:

Toro 38371 15-Inch 12 Amp Electric 1500 Power Curve Snow Blower:

Toro 38371

Toro’s smaller, lightweight 1500 electric Power Curve snow blower, with its imaginative configuration, features a bended rotor and altered pipe lodging that offers preferred energy to-width proportion over the opposition.

The unit’s Quick-Key beginning, natural controls, and only 25 pounds makes this snow blower simple for anybody to utilize and move. Fast to move, and simple to store its ideal for little occupations. To offer considerably all the more simple mobility, Toro outlined a full-safeguard ergonomic handle with instinctive operation with either hand.

Whenever completed, fold up the handle for ultra-reduced capacity. Toro covers the electric 1500 Power Curve snow blower with a two-year guarantee.

Green Works 26022 10 Amp 16″ Corded Snow Shovel:

GreenWorks 26022

The Green works 16-Inch 10 Amp Electric Snow Shovel is a simple to-utilize distinct option for gas-fueled snow hurlers. A movable handle, 6-inch spiral wheels, and a string lock make this apparatus simple to utilize. This electric snow scoop does not put out carbon discharges. The lightweight snow scoop weighs just 26 pounds.
Since its electric, there will be not any more destroying your arm on a draw line or breathing in poisonous exhaust. Just flip the switch and it turns on immediately. The Snow Shovel’s flexible elastic grasp handle bar permits clients to set its tallness at one of three positions for expanded solace, adequacy, and security.

A string lock holds the additional string safely set up, so you don’t need to stress over the line getting in the way. This electric snow scoop will spare you cash even as it jam the earth. It doesn’t discharge carbon emanations, making for a machine.

GreenWorks 2600802 8 Amp 12-Inch Corded Snow Shovel

GreenWorks 2600802

GreenWorks 2600802 snow shovel is another best electric snow shovel which helps you to remove snow in short period. You can throw wet snow without any difficulty, and it can also throw ice too. It included 8amp powerful motor and twelve inches of shoveling width. It is very lightweight but sturdy which is best for snow depth up to 6inches. It can also be used to remove snow from your rooftop too.

GreenWorks 2600702 G-MAX 40V 12-Inch Cordless Snow Shovel 4Ah Battery and Charger Included

GreenWorks 2600702

GreenWorks 2600702 is powerful even in wet or heavy snow. It includes a 4AH battery with charger facility. It can shovel about 12 inches width and has much power to throw snow out of your way. It is so far well built and much powerful than it looks. However GreenWorks 2600702 G-Mas is quite easy to repair and maintain. Battery life is very polite which works over half an hour. However, if you have a bad back, then GreenWorks 2600702 is a relief for you. It is very easy to star, operate and maintain. If you purchase it with an extra battery, then it would be wiser.


Greenworks Digi-Pro GMAX 12 in. 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Blower Shovel

Greenworks Digi Pro GMAX

Greenworks Digi-Pro GMAX can make your life lot easier with no gas, no cord, and nil maintenance while not in use. It can shovel snow from sidewalks and walkways correctly. This cordless shovel contains 20 ft. Discharge DigiPro brushless motor technology. GMAX 40-Volt battery offers a tough run time and better performance. It is easy to start, and the design is comfortable for users. It contains 12 inches of clearing path and 4 inches of clearing depth which discharges up to 20 feet.  Its adjustable handle can give you better control while shoveling.

Snow Joe iON13SS-HYB 40V 4.0 Ah Hybrid Battery or Electric Cordless Snow Shovel

Snow Joe iON13SS

If a shovel can perform with battery and electric power what will you call it? Yes, world’s first hybrid snow shovel is Joe! Snow Joe’s special hybrid technology permits you to power it when you needed and unplug when you don’t. It comes with rechargeable 40-volt 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery system; the iON13SS delivers up to 52 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime with nil carbon productions for fresher air. It also includes 500 W 15-amp brushless motor which moves up to 300 lbs. of snow per minute. It’s two blade auger throws snow up to 25 feet. It is one of the best snow shovels in the market now.

Snow Joe iON13SS 40-volt Cordless Snow Shovel with Rechargeable Ecosharp Lithium-ion Battery

Cordless Snow Joe is suitable for quick and easy snow pickup from any certain areas where your corded snow shovel can’t go. This cordless snow shovel includes 40V 4.0Ah EcoSharp rechargeable lithium-ion battery

And 500w motor which moves snows up to 300Ibs snow per minute. It has two heavy duty blades which can throw snow up to 25 feet. In a word it has all the quality of Hybrid Joe except it can only operate with battery. Just a push of a switch for starting it. Cordless Joe is lightweight and easy to work.

Snow Joe 323E 13-Inch 10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel

The Snow Joe Plus 323E electric snow shovel can remove snow from decks, steps and walkways perfectly. The 323E immediately starts at a press on a button. It is maintenance free and includes a safety switch to prevent accidental starting. It comes with a powerful 10-amp motor which moves up to 400ibs snow in a minute. It has two heavy duty paddle auger that cuts 13 inches wide and 6inches deep. The Snow Joe 323E is specially made with a patented back-saving curve to lessen clients strain. The adjustable handle gives comfort, and ease of use and the ergonomic design decreases back strain. The weight of Snow Joe 323E is less than 14 pounds so you can easily move around your home. At present this is one of the best electric snow shovels in the market.

Earthwise Snow Thrower Snow Shovel 9 AMP Corded Electric 10″ – Assorted Colors

Earthwise Snow Thrower Snow Shovel is one of the best electric snow shovel available in the market which can help you remove snow from your walkway and sideway. It has a 9amp motor which can remove 300ibs snow per minute. It has assorted color facilities. Earthwise Snow Shovel cuts a 10inches wide way and its throws snow about 25 inches away with its dual- blade curved rotor. It also contains an oversized adjustable handle for comfortable use. It is smaller in size so very easy to operate and store.

Homegear 12″ 9 Amp Electric Snow Thrower / Blower

A Homegear Electric snow thrower can reduce the pain of removing snow from your yard. It is way more powerful with 400r/min motor. This snow blower can amazingly clear snow about a depth of six inches and width of twelve inches. This one is perfect for your smaller garden. For safety, it contains a safety key lock and a safety switch with an adjustable handle. It also includes 180-degree adjustable chute which can throw snow about a maximum of 20 feet. It has a button start system, so it’s easy to start and operate. However, this is the best-rated snow thrower in the market which can reduce your painful shoveling experience.

Ryobi 12 in. 8-Amp Electric Snow Blower Shovel

The Ryobi 12 inches Electric Snow Shovel is manufactured to remove snow immediately from yards, decks, and driveways. This electric snow shovel offers reliable power that throws away snow up to 20 feet. It includes an 8-Amp powerful motor. The compact design of this shovel and large handle system make it easy to operate. However, where your larger snow blower can’t reach, it can be your best pick. It can start instantly and works smoothly for hassle free snow removal job. The Ryobi Snow Blower is easy to store as it prepared with a telescoping handle. If you are trying to grab the best electric snow shovel then without any doubt, you can pick this one too.


Earth wise SN70014 Electric 12 Amp Power Snow Shovel, 14″:

Electric Snow Shovel

it offers a proficient and eco-accommodating answer for snow aggregation on walkways, carport and other cleared surfaces. Simple to utilize and move with 6″ transport haggles tough 12-amp engine. Basically stroll behind this force snow scoop and let it do all the work. The release vanes offer three positions that give you the choice to pick which bearing the snow will go. Tosses snow up to 30 feet away. No gas, no oil, no exhaust. Begins unfailingly. Earth astute is the perfect air decision.

Not at all like snow blowers, which have a tendency to be fairly substantial and have bigger measurements, electric snow scoops are nearly light and entirely compact. If you live in a district that gets customary light snow fall, and you don’t have an especially huge range to keep clear, and electric snow scoop might be ideal for your requirements.

Electric snow shovel comes to play at winter, although that season is very favorite to some of us. But if you are in a cold country winter brings many excessive works with it. Cleaning snow is one of the most difficult works in the winter season. Now the modern technological advances have delivered tools that take a lot of the work out of clearing your driveway. But if your driveway or walkways are not very long, buying a big, excessively powerful snow blower might not be the best investment. A great middle ground between snow blowers and manually shoveling the walk is the electric snow shovel. Please have a look at the following Best electric snow shovel buying guide for 2016 and let us know in case of any confusions about it.

How to Choose the Best Electric Snow Shovel?

Best Electric Snow Shovel

Snow shovels are frivolous and honestly easy to use. Some Best electric snow shovels have a paddle style auger that thrusts the snow forward like a powerful broom. Other models are planned to throw snow several feet in front of them like a mini snow blower. They are aimed to handle a few inches of snow accretion over a comparatively small area such as a small sidewalk or one car driveway. Standard quality snow shovels are also mainly great for clearing entries, decks, or stairways.

Electric snow shovels are some of the most inexpensive power snow clearing tools. That means that by getting a one, you can get assistance from moving away from purely physical snow clearance, but you will not have to spend the kind of money bigger devices would need you to pay. The following electric snow shovel buying guide for 2016 will help you to pick yours.

While buying your best piece of electric shovel, consider the following qualities. Let’s check them out.

Power usage

Electric snow shovel low power usage is one of the advantages as they use significantly less electric power than electric snow blowers, which have amperage loads that can run as high as 15 amps or more. Electric circuit breaker makes running an electric snow blower in tandem with other electric appliances on the same breaker possibly difficult, as doing so may cause you to blow a fuse. With an electric shovel, which commonly does not have an amperage load of more than 8 or 10 amps, you will not have to worry about this difficulty.

At the same time, you should not unavoidably look for an electric snow shovel with a lower amp intake, as this can bound the overall concert the shovel. Moreover, electric shovels that use more power will be able to clear weightier snow and throw snow farther. Therefore, I usually mentioned looking for the best electric shovel with a power intake of no more than 10 amps, which will deliver enough power without putting any strain on your breaker.

Snow shovel’s intake height

The intake height of the electric snow shovel will regulate how deep snow accretion can get before you will not be able to use it to efficiently clear it. While most electric shovels work intake heights that average around four inches, there are some snow shovels that have intake heights that can go maximum six inches. With a higher intake height, you will not have to worry about a quick freak snow storm dropping more snow in your area than your electric shovel is armed to handle.

But with a six inch intake height, as a substitute of a three or four inch intake height, you will not have to worry about a bigger snow gathering. A smaller intake height might make you have to clear your deck or walkway a few times while snow is still accruing.

Shovel’s clearing width

An electric snow shovel that is prepared with a wider clearing width will be capable to cover the similar amount of ground in fewer passes. That means to less time spent going back and forth on your patio, deck or driveway. Basically stated, the wider the intake width of the snow shovel, the few time you will have to occupy outside in the cold.

At the same time, you should be careful to make sure that you are not purchasing an electric shovel with a clearing width that may be too wide for you to simply maneuver around your driveway or patio

Power drive system

Most electric show shovels consume a power drive system in which the auger, which is the paddle like spindle that exposes snow and throws it forward, also helps to propel the snow shovel forward. But a number of less costly snow shovels do not provide an auger supported power drive system, and instead need the user to supply all of the power needed to keep the snow shovel moving forward. Which kind you choose to opt for is fundamentally up to you and depends on how much money you want to spend as well as whether you think you will be able to push a twelve or fifteen pound electric snow shovel through the kind of snow accumulation you typically experience in your area.

Pushing an electric shovel that does not propel itself is not terribly difficult. It is certainly easier than pushing a manual shovel through heavy snow. On the other hand, part of the reason for switching to an electric shovel is the added convenience it affords you, so it might make perfect sense to spend the extra ten or twenty percent in order to get one that has an auger assisted power drive system.

Available accessories

Best quality electric shovels come prepared with LED headlights, which can be beneficial if you find you have to shovel snow in the early morning or late afternoon when there is not enough daylight to see what you are doing. Others have suitably wormed handles, which is a great bonus. Secondary handles, which are classically mounted on the front of the main handle, help you to operate this type of shovel even more simply.

Why Electric Snow Shovel is a Good Buyer’s Choice?

From the electric snow shovel buying guide, you understand what major criteria’s that you should be considering. And along with that, there are some reasons why electric shovel is a great choice if you have the kind of property it is designed to work with. These gears are accurate for smaller properties in areas where snow storms do not naturally drop more than a few inches at a time. A snow blower may be too big and powerful to be efficient, let alone worth the buying price or costs of care and fuel. An electric shovel, on the other hand, can help you finish the job fast and professionally.

Light weighted

The huge number of them weigh less than fifteen pounds. That means that just about anyone should discover them easy to move around their sidewalks or patio. And the auger on an electric snow shovel, which is the piece that chucks snow forward, does source some forward force, which helps create them easier to push through snow. Electric shovels have a much easier method of clearing snow than the old fashioned physical way.

Very compact

Its rally compact in size, which is usually less than two square feet – makes them very cool to find storage space or tool shed for one. In fact, their small size shared with the fact that they are so lightweight means that you could even hang your electric shovel on a sturdy nail on the wall of your tool shed or garage.

Easy to use

You will not need any automated skill to keep an electric snow shovel acting well, whereas snow blowers – mostly gas powered and two-stage snow blowers – will require you to make periodic repairs. There are no spark plugs to alter or air filters to clean with a snow shovel, and you will never have to worry about changing the oil. You also will not have to keep stinking gas cans or untidy oil cans in your garage. All you need is an allowance cord that can range the end of your walkway or driveway, and you are ready to start clearing snow.

Very friendly to the environment

Just take a look at how common hybrid cars or energy efficient purposes have become, and you can see that there is an overall trend towards more ecologically friendly products in our home. Electric snow shovels do not make any carbon releases, which means you can be self-confident that purchasing one will help you do your part for the atmosphere. And they use few electricity than electric snow blowers, so you will be dropping your overall energy consumption by using one as well.

In addition to saving the environment, buying an electric shovel will afford you significant monetary savings as well. These devices are far less costly than two-stage or even single-stage snow blowers, which can get very expensive rather swiftly. Electric shovels, on the other hand, are the tiniest expensive power snow removal products on the marketplace now.

These are the key issues you should take care of before getting any electric snow shovel. If you have any questions of confusions or problems concerning the electric snow shovel buying guide, feel free to ask. It will be a big pleasure helping you.

Thank you.

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