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For more than 100 of years Japanese have use rain chain in their house to collect rain water. Rain chains are cups or chains specially made of copper or steel. They are placed right under the downfall of the roof. By this the rain water can easily be transferred in a bucket or a large barrel. Japanese people used this water for their household chores. There are different kinds of rain chains available in the market. The cup shaped simple chain, double loop, Zen loop, hummingbird etc.

Here are some of the best rain chain reviews of 2016.

Rain Chain :

Decorative Lily Shaped Copper Cups: Rain chain with some ambiance will add extra something to your house. This lily shaped copper made rain chain will make a soothing sound while the water flows from top.
best rain chain

  • Copper plated body
  • 20 cups
  • Cups are 3 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter
  • Easy attachment
  • Gutter clip inserted

Monarchs Pure Copper Hammer Cup Rain Chain 8-1/2 Feet Length:

This double looped rain chains are hand made cups. Rain water flows through it gently. This rain chain looks perfect for your house as it has a nice design.r2

  • Hand hammered cups
  • Rings are in the middle of every cup
  • This hammered cups directs the flow of water towards floor
  • Enhances the beauty of your house

Decorative Iron Bird Rain Chain:

This particular rain chain has a special design. This is one of the best rain chain. People like this rain chain because of its decorative look. The elegant look will give you pleasure looking at it. It even works better with its design. Water from roof falls rapidly and makes a trickling sound.

  • Full metal body
  • Makes a soothing sound
  • 4inch diameter
  • 35inch height

Slim Link:

The most simple looking rain chain of 2016. It’s also one of the cheapest rain chain of 2016. Chains interconnected with each other helps the water to flow directly onto the bucket or barrel. You can even increase its height and make it touch the ground. It does not have any cups. For that, there is no chance of having mosquito in it.

  • Simple design
  • Can be matched with any architectural design
  • Aluminum made
  • Hanging hook provide

Monarch Rain chains 110006 Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain Monarch, 8-1/2-Feet:

This leaf shaped rain chain is the best example what a rain chain does actually. A rain chain is also used as a decorative purposes. There are individual leaves attached with one another which allows the water to run through its copper made leaves and make a soothing sound while moving so.
Monarch Rain chains 110006 Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain Monarch

  • Pure copper made
  • Makes soothing sound
  • Weighs only 3 pounds
  • Easy installation

Modern Loop Rain Chain:

Like the previous product this is also one of the beautiful rain chains of 2016. People do not seek for rain chains to pass rain water through it anymore. They want it to be a bit elegant in look so that it can enhance the beauty of their home. This black color coated rain chain is one unique rain chain.
Modern Loop Rain Chain

  • Unique product
  • Attractive
  • 8feet 6inches tall
  • Aluminum
  • Weighs only 1.6 pounds

8 ft. Rain Chain Copper Cup:

Just by looking through the name you can guess the products height. It is 8 feet tall beautifully designed rain chain. This rain chain of 2016 contains cups which is made of metal. The outer part of every cup is weather resistant. Water flows from one cup to another which ensure no splashing out of the rain chain.

  • There 16 cups attached with each other
  • Metal construction
  • Wide mouth cups linked through each other
  • Easy to assemble

Monarch Pure Copper Harmony Cup Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

The Monarch Harmony Cup Rain Chain is simple yet provides the most rich & posh style to any space. It comes in funnel shape with all copper construction. That’s why it is long lasting and the installation is super easy. It provides the ultimate performance during rain and it develops rich brownish verdigris or patina that adds additional gorgeousness as well.

Monarch Pure Copper Harmony Cup Rain Chain

  • Full copper made
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Easy installation
  • Standard length of about 8-1/2 feet
  • Develops rich brownish verdigris or patina that boost up the beauty

Monarchs Pure Copper Butterfly Rain Chain 8-1/2 Feet Length:

If you want the sound of a stream sitting in your house then this product is the best choice for you. This has cups with various designs in it and those cups are wide mouthed which will give you stream like sound while rain water pours through it.
Monarchs Pure Copper Butterfly Rain Chain

  • Fully copper made
  • Cups are linked with one another
  • Weighs only 2.8 pounds
  • Gutter clip included
  • Easy to install

All Copper Channel Link Rain Chain by Rain Chains Direct (8.5 Feet):

Another unique designed rain chain of 2016. Not a cup shaped or even normal chains. Cylinder shaped rain chains which will last for lifetime.
Best Rain Chain

  • Adopter included
  • 5 feet long
  • Fully made of copper
  • Easy to install

Rain chains are not only used for down sprouting rain waters from rooftops but also they symbolizes the inner beauty of your house. A rain chain will definitely enhance the look of your house and it will increase the potentiality of using the rain water. Choosing the best rain chain for your house is not so hard after knowing what you are up to.

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